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~The Burning Will~

Quest to the Astral Planes

Quest to Lucid dream into the Astral Planes
chaos extended
Ah a good nap! Time for more thoughts and posting up another recorded dream. Also some more thoughts on awareness within the dream, and one other thing.

I will just right to the interesting ending on this dream. At the end I found I could just zip through window glass. My reaction is interesting, that I dont flip out. Rather my reaction is, "Oh cool I can zip through glass, ima do it again!" What I find interesting is, my awareness gos up a level when this happened. I do question, but the question is nothing more then a "huh? Through glass, thats kinda strange but I like it."

This shows me, yet again I need to keep trying to work toward becoming lucid! More time is needed but I am getting there. Another factor is that the location is GreenHills Shopping center. Whenever I make my way up there, I need to do MORE checks, and be MORE aware of whats going on around me!
But in saying this, maybe I DID become lucid when I started playing with the glass and such? Or maybe subconscious kicked in and attempted to wake me up in such a way so I would obtain the vibrations for Astral Projection? After going in and out of this sheet of glass a few times, I decided to see what would happen if I just fall flat on my back. Now if I was lucid, the reason would be to try wake myself, with the falling sensation I had from another dream. You know, try duplicate what happened last time.

One other such interesting thing was this laser. I dont think I recorded this dream, but I had another laser in one such other dream. Infact, there are only a few differences between the two dreams, mainly the events.
Here is how it was in the other dream: I had a laser shine out of me, I dont remember holding it. It would spin by itself at the back door of the shop (me dads fruit shop), faster it spun more of this sentence it would reveal. It slowed down, so I gained a bit more awareness. I "willed" it to spin faster with my thought alone. The writing in the end, said "Everything in your life. Your family, friends, everything has been setup. Its all a lie."
Also the dream ended with me falling back. But the sudden fall was on top of some pallets. So this shock alone woke me up.

Now, in this dream, the laser pretty much done the same thing. Only no words were seen from this, and it was not spinning in a circle. More side to side I think, at a rapid rate. Also the color was green, same color green as in my "Dragon Ball Z" dream. The color of the energy balls were green.
As I said before, dream end, pretty much with me falling back. Although this is ground level, I thud on the ground, and get up confused at the most. Blank and I awake.

So this is very interesting indeed! I did not become lucid (lucid being you KNOW its a dream), but just aware and in more control. I will achieve my final goal!


Greenhills and the glass I can slip through. (you think of a better name!)

I cannot put my finger where it begins, but I think there was more before this. Dream in question was very interesting at the end as well. Anyway, the location was at Greenhills shopping center. For some reason I am there with my teacher, or at least I do get the feeling we drove there maybe, at least w/e you call driving in this dream! Kinda feels like I sat in the car with her biding my time! I also remember the face of the teacher, from ways back. Cannot remember her name nowdays.

See I had some items, she wanted to take off me. One was a type of laser, shit, and a few other things I cannot put my finger on now! But I had other items I would have to fool her it was all I had, and I think I was doing a good job!

At some point we got out of the car, I think... Getting along well, we make our way around the center. As I remember I think it could be night time maybe, or maybe afternoon. I think... I think I am letting her use these items, showing her how they work, getting her trust more. Just like a school kid not wanting my stuff to be confiscated, because its not allowed in school.
The laser in question, was not a straight beam. It was like one of my other dreams, infact the dream ended almost like of my other dreams as well! More on that soon. The lasers beam would, flick around, like if you were to wave it around in a small area I suppose. Keeping in mind the beam itself did not fade when doing this. The color was Green, I am sure, well, I am not sure its a dream lol! But yeah pretty much green...

Now, at some point we are at some window. Perhaps in front of some bank, I got a strong feeling it was the bank, one of them. Now, the really funny thing was at some point I just decided to go through the glass. Just like that, voom! Through the glass.
I laugh! HAHAHA cool, I can go through glass! I started to show off a little. Like I became semmi Lucid, a very low level. I did not fully say, "this is a dream" ,rather, became more aware and had fun with going through the glass. I think people were not too surprised, as dreams go. Once I done this, I decided to see if I can try this on the ground. I stand still and then just fall back, FOOMP! My back hits the ground with a thud! "WTF" i think!

I think I woke not very long after this point. I dont remember anything much after this. The fall back itself did not wake me. I shall give interesting thoughts and comments when I post this to my journal!

Awareness rising
Happy 10/10/10 to myself! There are a number of notes I want to type up for myself to look at, for future notice:

.Dream awareness
.Reality checks
.Supplement dose

Ok only three notes for myself, maybe I will think of another later... First is Dream Awareness. I am taking note how I am becoming more aware in my dreams, if this is from supplements is not really known. Or maybe its a mix of supplement taking, and lucid dreaming training? Either way I notice it in a number of dreams.
  This ranges from little things, to more noticeable awareness levels. To bad it is not to the level I check my hands, more on that later. In one dream, I was accused of breaking something, normally I might of accepted this, but instead I refused the idea of this altogether. Other smaller actions of awareness learning could be seen in one of my other dreams! I would learn how to make stronger larger energy balls, as the dream went on. Then you have dreams where I am starting to question more strongly at times, this could be due to me being more aware in waking life. Then the mix of supplements helps to make the dream more clear, vivid, and so on.

More work is needed toward waking life awareness and reality checks. One such dream last night, I have my hands RIGHT out in front of me, but did not stop to check them. I think maybe I was too into the dream itself, it was a Dragon Ball Z theme so you get the idea lol! In saying this, I wonder if dreams are being influenced by the reality checks, to have dreams more related to my hands? Time will go by and more things will be clear, I can look back on this and answer my own questions.

I decided to go for some more B complex last night, and a few other supps. List of what I took:

.B complex - 5x
.Fish oil 1000mg - 4x
.Ginkgo tablets 1000mg - 2x
.Men multivitamin - 1x

Instead of 4 B complex tablets I added an extra. Now the dose is 255mg (5mg from multivitamin) of B6, and 250mcg of Choline Bitartrate. I also question now if the B complex CAN keep me awake... After I got up at 2:39am I could not get back to sleep for around 3 hours... I took the supps as soon as I went to bed with a protein shake.


Dragon Ball Z Dream

I am in a type of forest area. The dream is already starting to leak from my mind, its 2:39am Sunday morning 10/10/10.

I just remembered now how it might of started, i M not sure. But the theme is dragon ball Z (YAY!). At first, I think I am really not any character known, and I have a partner. We are on a quest to find goku, in some afterlife? We get to the gate/portal/beginning area that I think leads to the forest area.
  "We have to find goku, hes been gone a long time". The reason I was trying to find Goku now is unknown. But some guy/thing came out (not sure from) and greeted us (I am just gonna say me cos I cannot even remember my partner, but I get a sense I had someone with me)! He was a cheerful fellow, he was a dwarf, yes a dwarf... In a DBZ theme (its a dream wtf ya want? lol...)

Very hazy on what he got talking about, so I am going to skip ahead! Its the forest area, I think I have forgotten about goku. But I am playing with energy attacks, at least I am trying. Its kinda like some type of school, learning area, but not everyone is like me. At some point, I am practicing with some random. Well, we started to practice on each other! No fancy jumping and kicking, just energy-ball type attacks, at each other. Normal human speed getting out of the way as well, the attacks were pissy. Interesting enough, I started to work it out very fast!

If I was not so into the dream, I might of realized my HANDS! More on this ironic thing later... We would charge up the balls of energy, then throw them at each other, but they were piss weak as I said. I start putting more effort, instead of just concentrating, and then throwing. Must like just concentrating and getting ready to throw a focused punch on something. I started to make more wide-up noise, yes, much like in the cartoon when they wide-up they friggen do a lot of yelling...

Before I forget, I will note, they were fcken HOT at times. The energy balls! An interesting thing in a dream to feel a burning heat on the hands. Not just burning hot water, or even burning boiling water... I would say it was like holding a boiling light bulb between my hands, yeah hot!
At first it was one hand, but I started to learn fast, two hands was best. At some point I started to learn the magic words, and started charging up Kamehameha goku style attacks! I learnt more emotion behind it, more effort, charged them real good. Kinda like, when you see someone sing, I have seem someone put real emotion into it, and faces and all behind their voice. Only difference for me was the emotion behind the voice was behind the Kamehameha .
  Looking back on it, I am not sure what emotion I was putting behind it. Only thing I could link it too, was getting ready to do a heavy weight in the gym. Charging the ball was the buildup, was the revving up before the 'big weight', it was the focus before the release of doing the 'big weight'. The force when I let it go, was the force I let go when I punch the heavy weight, only it was let go in a instant in the form of an energy ball. More effort I put into saying the line, more I meant it, and less I cared if people thought I looked strange doing it (facepalm, damn dreams -.-), more size and in the end heat these energy balls would have.

At some point the person i was "playing" with, the other guy found out how to do what I was doing as well, the "line" (just saying "the line" instead of Kamehameha ). At some point I wanted to have an energy struggle, where the two energy attacks meet. I was laughing, telling this guy not to worry (myself in a sense), that it was safe, it would be so cool!

After a number of tries, something happens. I dont really see hes attack hit me either, but something hits my face... Burns the shit out of the left side of my teeth, or feels like it, top row I think. And my eye, felt like the time I kinda poked a fork in the electrical plug and it blew it up in my face (happy not to be blind, story that I never told). I told him to hand on, something was not right!
  At this point I was a little confused, because I did not note anything hitting me really. I am not sure, I went into some small mobile unit that was being used as what seemed a classroom. I was trying to say what had happened, but no one believed me! Or even the fact I could make these energy attacks. I risked looking like an ass, and charged one up with my voice building, guess I thought maybe nothing would happen... Guess everyone took note, but not long after doing this and getting people to believe me, I think I forgot what had happen to me.

I will note now, I remember the colors being very bright of these charged balls. And how they would be created from nothing, to a bright delicate spec, and so on. From the spec on, they were as bright as looking into a light bulb I guess. I remember the colors green at least.
Back to my hands... I think its really funny now! I been doing checks on my hands, and here I have a dream were I have my hands in view. Its even more funny now, i cannot even remember what my hands looked like (if this even makes sense). But in saying this, have my dreams been charged in a way, to enable to give the chance to notice my hands? Because this dreams main use, was of how I place my hands around, and how I used them.

 I remember now! I do remember holding one hand out in front of myself, as if to aim. HA! I even remember saying "frig, not as easy to aim as it is for them", pretty sure I am directly referring to the cartoon x.x"! So in saying this, I need to continue to perform the checks! It shows my mind is not programmed enough just yet.


You break it You buy it.

Now 3:23am and time is flying by, I want to get back to bed and dream some more! This dream was strange, not sure if it was before or after the DBZ dream.

I remember a girl I knew for a short time was in it. It was change between her, and another girl I know right now. I was in a shopping mall, and I was being told I had broken something. I was saying over and over how there was NO way I could of done it. I was not lucid, but I refused this idea that I broke something! I thought, how the hell have I broken something, if I dont remember doing it?! I even SAID! I told the girl, I dont even remember doing it!

It was a mirror I think. The dream is interesting, for the fact I am acting in such a way. I think these reality checks are working? Is this effort into research and doing countless checks through the day, changing my dreams in such a way?
  Ways like, more potential times I can notice my hands? Not being so mindless in a dream? See, maybe if it was as normal, I might not of questioned breaking something I did not? Maybe i would just accept it, but at best be confused?

Back to the dream... Best thing I can say is I was in bed, I think in the mall? I cannot even tell anymore. I dont have a name for the girl, but she had a tube of something. Like a red, candy stuff. She jokingly put it all over me! And I was not happy, I sure let her know, not that it did any good... Funny enough, I remember me collecting the stuff off the bed, and putting it on a bedside type bench? Things never make sense, but it held together and was not sticky when I did this. I even got some in my mouth, I think I remembered tasting it, but I think it was a memory of the desert my mum made tonight...

Im going back to bed... more dreams I am sure to come =D!!

Patterns and frustrations
Although I dont have a dream to add, well, I do... But that was from yesterday. Ah I am lieing, I have two dreams I can add... But thats for later on, I have a number of things I want to record.

First is my frustration! I should not be frustrated, but I am a little. Its the fact that at the moment, my world is only to the shop and to the gym to my house. They say a persons world is only as far as he can travel in a day... So this is my world, very small atm. My frustration comes when I have dreams that are outside of my world, or at a place that dose not exsist! I am frustrated by the fact I do not even question this!
  This can bring me to the next point related this the above, and that, it really shows how we go through waking life like its a dream. We are so unaware of our waking life its a joke!  So, what is the REAL dream here? Only difference for waking life, is that is has more coherent flow (as what Reece Jones pointed out). Can we ID all of this, can be a dream, and what is really, real? I am sure the closed minded people will say, this is real, full stop! Well good for you, just like you say in a dream that its real, and you dont know you are dreaming, right?

Patterns! I have many patterns in my dreams, or dream signs. Call them whatever you like. One that has come up in two dreams so far, has been related to Alice in wonderland (new movie). One from yesterday, and one this morning. I will post that dull hazzy dream for the sake of the subject. One of the Mad Hatter, one of the Chester cat with the big smile. That cat is the shit =D!

Will also record, the effects of the higher dose of B vitamin complex were poor. I think this was because of the time taking the B complex? My plan was to get up at around 3am, read a book for 30 min, and then take my hit and go back to bed. In all, 4 tablets has 200mg of B6, only 200mcg of Choline Bitartrate. Instead, somehow the alarm went off, and I turned it off... Only I dont even remember doing this, at all... I woke up at 6am disappointed but took the tablets and read two pages anyway. Was not even a good placebo! I will wait for at least 4 days, maybe till next week [monday] before I take more.
  I can say I will only take the dose in waking at 3am-4am only. Anything after seems useless.

One last thing. I can say the one problem with my reality checks is, they are being done mainly at home. Not that I dont do them when I go to the shop, I do them often at the shop as well. But when I go to the gym, or anywhere else, here is the problem. I dont go anywhere really! So this, and lack of checks in "alien" areas of daily life, means when I dream something like "walking to greenhills" I might not do checks, because I have not done a good deal of checks other then at the common areas of my life.
 I also think I need a new reality check. Bending my fcked thumb every few moments, then jumping in the air is fine when I am at home... Or at the shop packing shit away when no one is really around. But I cannot really randomly jump in the air when I am in the gym, or in public in general! I can, but no, just no. I know what you are thinking as well, "Yes you can, because you are mad remember!" I am mad, I just dont want to... Who am I kidding, I cannot defend myself there! I do all kinda of shit (more a the gym) to make people think I am insane and/or mad... I am just not going to randomly jump in public!

I gathered, maybe I need to get a ring? I dont have a phone to look down to every few moments. They say a ring or a watch, or even just looking at your hands. But looking at a wrist watch every few moments in public looks pretty normal, "oh the guy could be late etc."

 Heres a good e.g: I had a dream last night, pretty much I walked on fishing hooks. At some point I started looking at my hands as well, and pulling out hooks. I looked at them pretty often at the end of the dream, they had black blotches on them! But I was saying "oh they are getting infected, from the hooks". Even though I dont think they would get infected and go black so fast...

Now, if I had more time with reality checks looking at my hands, I might of noted this was not right. I would of questioned very seriously, and then a good chance I become lucid. For one, I walked on the hooks, I think I dont even remember pulling hooks out my hands come to think about it! Well, enough crap talk, dreams ahead! I need to start naming them...


Starts with a road, dirt road. I think it kinda relates to my earlier dream tonight? Cars are going around this track like its a damn rally derby race. I get the feeling I am in Thailand for some reason. I am close to a house. I think its my nonnas (grandmas) house? At some point I go back inside, and get Nick. For some reason he is there. Took him outside saying I had to show him this damn road, and how people almost loose it on this road!

Before going back outside. Nick showed me something. He took some things with him to nonnas, some dvds. It was the Saiyan saga of dragon ball Z. He said he prefer this over them all, I told him I prefer the others, because I seen that saga to many times. It was boring. Now  am not sure if this section came up later on in the dream, or at this point.

I remember walking out... In the garden area close to the road, was a dead Kangaroo? I said "see this one must of gotten kocked", or something like that. I look back, and it was gone, I tried to justifie the reason for this to Nick. We got to the fence. I started to explain to Nick that we better find the right spot to watch, a few times they came close to hitting me, or could have! I started to move about the area, close to the gate. We started moving more off, and up? To the right, and it kinda went up a hill, i think.

The dream started to change in a way. It was no longer about this road.  I think I remember at some point, us going through some house that was being built, and we returning to nonnas house. Now it got a little strange. We where pretty much as high as we could go, the scene area was changed, but somehow we are in the same area. We are now in a house that seems to be very expensive, top of the range, one you might find that are 40mil with a perfect view.
   Nick and me were looking around, and I remember looking out at the view. There were Dunes and ocean, as one of the views, to the left more. Look more left it seemed to hit land and more dunes, so it did not seem ocean all the way across as you might expect. This was strange as well, sometimes I would see it to the left as hit more land, and more dunes, sometimes it would come across as all ocean.
Then if we look to the right of the view, there were houses. Cottages! They look like little German cottages? I remember excitedly telling Nonna, "Hey hahaha! I seen this on google earth! I looked this place up on google earth before I came here! I remember seeing them German cottages over there! This is so strange!" I felt she disagreed.

Nick and me got back on the subject of this road with crazy drivers. I look back down, and what looked like the original house? At first the road did not really appear, at some point it became clear, and we knew we had gone way off from a safe spot to watch... Infact it looked like we had strolled away from the corner, by about, a good 10km up some mountain/hill!

I will add something very interesting! When I noted Nonnas house was back down there, 10km down. And we had made our way up to this new house, yet this was Nonnas house? And nonna was here? This was her house? As I look down, I rember questioning this... "Hey, wait, nonnas house is down there? But We are at nonnas house now? Thats, huh... ". So I feel the reality checks seem to be starting to work already.
  I will go back on describing the waves, and something else that was interesting. They were transparent! And beautiful! I said, "omg Nick! Look at these waves! You can see right through them if you look at them right! huh thats kinda strange?" I also will note, at some point in the dream, the coast/beach went from being in the distance, as a very good distance view, to now at the door?! Like, you would slide the door, and the sand would slant down, and if you stepped off you would slide into the water below. I even remember almost falling in! And Nick helping me back up! I think I also question these two things a little I think.

Through all this, close to the end, nonna was speaking to me. She was more or less mainly talking in Italian, at first I really just agreed with what she said. I was trying to understand, and for some reason I could understand her in a way? But at some point, I told her I could not really understand her, and she relized this and tried to talk to me more clear. Not really talking more clear, but she simply forgot she was talking in Italian, and that I could not translate. i wish I could remember what she was trying to tell me now, I like to remember these things.
At some point, Nonna changed into someone else. But I was trying to validate that it was still nonna? She had turned into a larger, fatter lady. Not really even a 90 year old lady anymore. I think I question this aspect as well, but not like I did with the house now being 30km down, and 30km up this hill... I think somehow, someone got onto speaking about how she got the house at a price. This was before them little cottages and other houses were built. Explaining once these other buildings came along, it made the price of her house rise to stupid amounts. I think she even noted this on  some chart...

Now I am not sure how, but the dream changes. Not just changes, but  have no idea how it relates to the above dream. Next thing I know, the dream is in some class room. I am not really there, rather watching like a movie. Some black officer, and a tazer is at the front, not looking happy. The "screen" is only looking at this lady, as it might be on focus on the teacher in such movies. I remember her saying something like, "If you fucks dont tell me right now/dont tell me who did it right now so fucking help me god, I am going to tazer the lot of you!"

At some point, some little black guy obviously get up and plays with the dial of the box connected to this ladys suit. Seems like this is some deadly super tazer, I got the impression the tazer was connected to this very bulky vest, and the vest connected to this box that controlled how strong it was.
  Like a trouble making Kid, he turned the dial to almost max, 3/4 just over the way up. Like he had some mental disorder, not really thinking at all what he was doing. Then once he done this, he was looking back. Hes expression changed from excited "haha im turning the dial up haha!" To a scare, to terrified/worried look on hes face. At first I thought, that the lady was pissed and going to taz him, as once he turned the dial she buzzed it a few times and it made a stronger louder noise. Thought thats why he was shitting himself, I now question this.

Now from here on, pretty much. The "screen/view" dose not change from looking at the dial. Some fight breaks out with the inmates, yeah I forgot to add it seems like its a prison. Some younger Chinese guys head mashes into the dial. He looked like he was some inspector, or assistant? He had a neat suit on and round, small glasses, not an inmate... I see a hand reach for a larger, long bit of broken glass, and I think I hear/feel it is used to stab and kill the chinese guy.
  Another scene change, but its back on the large broken dial. Something is written on it, in blood! "Check the new fridge" or was it "Check the fresh fridge"? Got the impression the Chinese guy, was cut up and up into some fridge... I should of jotted this down, I remembered it just a few seconds ago! The view then pans to the lady, and she looks like she was apart of a bad experiment. Or apart of some twisted murders, thing... She had her leg and arm, mangled and somehow put into her skin... She was not horrified, more, insane. "You bring this leg overrrr *sobs*, and then you bring this arm over here *sobs some more*. Her leg and arm would come over under her skin, over her shoulders.

At this point I woke up. I almost had the vibrations to Astral project as well! I could feel the sensations in my body, only thing missing were the vibrations! I should of just gave it some time, but I think it was just a little off. If I had of had the vibrations when I was just coming out of the dream, I would of had no trouble at all slipping out of my body!

So I am recording my dreams and such, and thought out of the blue that this place is as good as ever to record them. Mainly if I want to have some friends read them. I think I will only add the more interesting dreams of the night, as each dream I record to have 500-1000+ words x.x!

I am back into trying to achieve lucid dreaming. Just before this, I have been working toward Conscious Out-of-Body Experience, or astral projection. So far I have experienced projection two times at least, the first time being amazing! Along with this, I have had many times before waking I have very strange dreams. After the first time I projected, I affirmed to myself that these were astral dreams. Not just do to how vivid they were, but how things "looked".

After my first projection, I ran dry! Nothing related to projection came then after! No astral dreams, no vibrations upon waking, NOTHING! Then a number of weeks later, I woke from a dream where I was falling. When I hit the ground, I was still "falling", or had the feeling of falling. I then gained the vibrations, and it pretty much clicked with me. At that point, I easily separated from my body, too excitedly I will add. At least 2-3 time I came to the conclusion I was awake (this is how real it feels), and went back to bed to try again. Needless to say, when I DID wake in my bed for real, I knew it was projection.

Now after this time has passed I am running up dry again, until this morning. I have started to do reality checks over and over, I mean all the damn time (more on this in a sec)! When it came to the end of the dream, I woke in such a way, like the other times. Only minus the vibrations, but the sensation was very familiar. Focusing back to the end of the dream, worked to a point of keeping the sensations, but not good enough. Maybe I should of focused harder?

As for one last thing I guess I can add... Doing these reality checks are starting to drive me mad! Every time I go through a doorway, I say "reality check", every few moments, or at least REALLY often, I will randomly stop and question: "Am I dreaming? Is this a dream? *grabs screwed thumb (that never really recovered from boxing) and bends it to produce pain* "This would not hurt in a dream!" "Reality check" *jumps in air".
  I know its starting to work. I can see subtle changes in my dream habits. I can only keep going, keep recording and recalling my dreams, keep doing reality checks. Maybe it was my sloppy reality checks I was doing before (when I started working toward projection) that  helped with the waking up from strange crap? Last night dream makes me suspect so!

I might as well add in my first recorded dream.  Days I am not adding in dreams I can add my progress and thoughts perhaps...

Oh one last thing, if you are sensitive to bad grammar, tune out. Its the lands of free will and not everyone gives a high flying fk about perfect grammar! And anyway, I am completely and utterly insane, and MAD! Why would I care what a few over the internet (probably on the other side of the world) thinks about how I can spell? LOL! I can add as well I went off for these number of days, back to normal soon. I suppose I can update on this tomorrow!
  This first addition is massive enough im sure. Cannot add everything in this one post...


Not sure how it starts. I had many dreams last night! But I was in the shop. There was also a storm that was making me uneasy. I was on the toilet, and I can say it was getting strange! Well, strange for everyday life, and it could of happened.

First I was trying to go to the toilet. Then the door breaks somehow... Now the door can open both ways, but wont stay fully shut! After a bit of this, for some reason I can see my cousin Shanon coming! I hold the door shut of course! for some reason I knew he was coming to use the toilet! I also somehow could see him outside the shop, but I never questioned that either >.>.
  He tries to come in and its one of them moments where you walk in on someone...And then for some reason, he starts to make a convo with me! Asking me if I liked the things I do (I get the feeling he also mentioned ants), why dont I make the field trip to *enter name of location here*? Now, I get the feeling of it being some reserve, because I am sure either me or him said "be sure not to take anything, or else you will be in trouble". I also get the feeling the location was Queensland? Or was it New Zealand?

The dream changes. I am with a group of people, in the small planes. And when I say small, think of the little kiddy planes you can insert money into, and ride them (ones in the shopping malls/centers). But maybe a little bigger, because three people were seated in some. I think most seated three people. I got the feeling I was with a special group, and we were going to explore some new area, location, forest and so on.
  First off, one of the planes crashes, on takeoff? She pretty much said something... Wish I could remember now! Maybe something like the movies, sobby stuff, but also like... "You need to keep going, you need to go on! My death means nothing!"

I remember how we arrived to the location... I felt like I was sleep and just woke up. The dream must of changed, but changed into a sequel of the next part. A number of us were crash landing, I am not sure why. Either way, the group was split up, I think into now 3 smaller groups. The group I was in, I think had 4-5 people, another group with 3 people, and the last with 2. I somehow was able to change between groups. Come to think about it, it was like watching a movie!

Each location where each group was different, and beautiful. I dont think I have had a dream so colorful and beautiful. The largest group, were very green, lush forest-like. I remember swimming over, and for some reason the group was close to some prickly plants. "Hey ffs why do we need to be here?! I am trying not to get these spiky plants in my eyes, OW!"
  I think after that, it changed to another group. I will say, it was like a movie, but I would change bodies, "borrow" or just "port" to the new group.  Group 2, managed to move up out of the water. This place was unexplored, never been seen before. Not long after warning each other of the dangers, we trekked into some cave. There were vines and such all over, and they started to come alive.
  At this moment, last thing I remember, is running out of the cave. and the vines getting me. I then ported to group 1, the bigger group... Much like it dose in a movie with such an event. But the area we were in did not matter, the vines came alive and took us i think.
It then changes back to the cave. We were in a large oval type chamber. A large vine, or part of the plant, ran long-ways across the top of the chamber. Group 1 and 2 were stuck by the feet to this vine, by some sticky stuff.
  There were three dips, or hole-like things going across the floor of the chamber. I think each had some liquid, and I was guessing this was where you would get digested. The dream gets more strange, with the Mad Hatter being in my dream from the new Alice in Wonderland movie. He starts to explain whats going to happen. He said "It" lets off a Myst, that when it reaches the three dip/holes, reacts and lets off a steam of extremely corrosive substance. It would eat away and dissolve you in seconds.
  I was somehow able to be unstuck, working out how this plant "worked"? I think I tried to run out of the cave and such, and the vines were getting me. At this moment, one of the members say "well theres only *insert names here* left, lets hope they make it through.

I get the impression the 2 guys are brothers, or such good mates they are pretty much brothers. It changed scene, to them. The dream gets more stunning. Were are in some lake, that leads out to the sea. The sun shines stunning bright yellow, everything is lit up with yellow all around us as we float by. Mysty yellows! Others colors as well, but the main colors were yellow and orange, type of sunset colors. The water was covered in lilies, all with flowers. I find it hard to remember, but I am sure it felt warm, and insects flying all around. A perfect picture when we met the sea.
  We found a path that went up onto the island? I get the strong impression its a pretty big island.  We walked up. At this point I cannot remember what happen to my friend/brother... In fact I think it changes back to the girl (forgot to say that eh) that broke free. She/I went around to the side, and there was a crack that looked into the chamber, going down the wall

The gas hit, and the steam went up. Each person that got hit, pretty much blew up violently. Then when this is happening, Mr Hatter dose something strange. I am looking through this crack... And he comes and looks through back and me, then says something... I then gets this colorful looking gun, mounting it aimed at the crack and me still looking through for some reason. He fires the gun, and right as its about to do, whatever it dose, he explodes.... But the gun works as well. Kinda...

Now this is another thing that is stuck in my head for SURE in the dream. Is that how vivid it looks when Hatter blows, and morphs. Colors. and there is no looking through the crack when this happens. I could say it looks like something when you take drugs...
  Next thing I know were are back, back? Wheres back? Needless to say, Hatter was changed into some, half Hatter, half pig thing. And it kinda looked 3d cartoon. I was no longer the girl, rather I was looking at all this in 3rd person view. The girl had also been changed? Also the same form as the Hatter. Started eating this, sparkly, thing, was kinda like a small fire-work going off.

About this place. It reminded me of Netherstorm from WoW. At least the sounds did. Maybe this was the storm that I spoke about at the shop? What the hell dose that mean?


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