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Astral projection - Coming back
chaos extended
Its been a while since I added any updates for my progressions with Astral projection. I decided to take a break until further notice, for a few reasons.

The dream herb I report about was in short, the wrong way for me to try Astral project. I go as far as saying, I was trying to force myself to project. From what I am told by Rylee (with the help of Kelly), that I damaged mechanisms to do with my ability to Astral project. I can say I agree with this, because in the last number of runs trying to push the practice on created some nasty outcomes. After these outcomes I just felt I should just slow down and stop for a bit. You can read some of these outcomes in my past blogs (One where the Dream herb worked too well).

Not long ago, Rylee told me some interesting news. Part of the news was that I damaged some things, but also that these things can be fixed. I ask if it is all coming back, I am bold to say yes already is so. I am starting to get a few dreams that are strongly Astral based again, much like I first started trying to Astral Project. To this conclusion, Astral Projection should only be done natural, with no help from any external source. Maybe Tones to help sync your brain, but thats it.

Today was the first time I had a major Projection dream in a while. So real to a point I was out of bed, but thought I failed at projecting, so I got back into bed! I have had this happen before. When waking, great amusement flows because I realize that I in fact really did project. What I can remember from the Astral dream the most, was how my vision was picking up and seeing through to something else. I only say it looked angelic, clouds, bright clear while light. This was patching through my normal vision of my supposed room, and is what stands out the most in my memory.

Another thing I note from this experience, is it felt right. It felt natural, even though I had trouble trying to perform. Much like the early days before when I had Astral dreams or projections. But later on with forcing it all, when I did project even if it was not with the use of the Dream herb, it did not feel right. Everything was often dark and gloomy, nothing like the bright shiny Astral I remember when it came on by itself.
  Projection seems like its coming on by itself again, this is interesting and exciting. I plan to accelerate this by natural practices like Meditation and energy work to just name two. This is acceptable, and is the only way I will follow through with all this now.

It all begins of the new chapter when I arrive~


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