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One of the MANY amusing behavors I see and have seen for a long time.
chaos extended
As many changes go for me, some changes are as such... Birthdays and Christmas mean nothing to me, and have not for a long long time now. They are nothing more then another day. But until a very short time ago, it was suggested the day is worth something, that it is the joining of families and such, and the projection of love and good vibrations etc. This did not fully change my view, at best simply saying, well thats a good point and so be it.

But now I fully put forward, that again such a day means nothing! It is just a day of the year! An illusion of something that should be done every day of your waking lives! Do you really need a single day of the year to come together? A single day of the year to output more love then normal? A single day of the year you should be giving or selfless?

This can extend to a few other things such as this quote:

"Ask yourself whether the dream of Heaven and Greatness should be waiting for us in our graves, or whether it should be ours here and now and on this Earth?

Ayn Rand"

And then we can go into "New year's resolutions". Some humorous time of year people want to make their changes and improvements! And as far as I know, fail at them... I remember last year, Tripple J had people ringing in on NYRs they failed at like its some joke... Oh yes, it is, a real joke indeed.

Oh and dont get me started about what happens when SUMMER starts to arrive... People start to get out and about, try to "get in shape" or "loose a few" for summer?! You want to try get in shape out of the way you are now, and just in a few short months?! I am not sure what people do in other countries, but in Australia, its a thing that happens every time before summer... Some people take advantage of this with their advertisements, sucking in people easy I bet: "Get in shape this summer, FAST!"

So What is my point to all the above, and to anything LIKE the above? Well, the quote from Ayn Rand, should waves the reason right in your face... Do you really need such days to do ANY of these things? REALLY?! You can do them right NOW! What is stopping you? YOU are stopping YOURSELF!

This brings me to two more things that should be so obvious, and are (or might as well) be in the same boat as the above...

People live day to day, smoking, drinking, eating junk... They can see PHYSICALLY how it effects them, they know they should probably stop (thats a BIG probably). But the main ones are smoking and drinking here... It takes the doctor to tell them they have something REALLY REALLY wrong with them, probably life threatening to change their ways. Just because a Doctor told them to?! You really need to wait until its basically TOO LATE? I am sure a good number of times, not only is the damage done, but it could very well cost the person their lives... So dose this mean you need your life on the line to make the right change? The changes to better, happier, healthier living?

Then we have MY subject I love and am well into. Such is named and is well apart from Religion, it is Spirituality. Now I can tell you, I have come a long way in a very short time. I am an improved person because of it all. And in the end, lets say if NON of the crazy things related to the subject were "not real", proven wrong for some reason... I am a much more improved person from it all! I am much more accepting and a large range of other things because of it!

Now I am guilty of my last point... But in the end, do any of us need such beliefs to be nice, kind, understanding, accepting people? I have had to come this far to see this... But do you really need the idea of "you are going to hell" or "you are going to repeat you lessons in the next life over and over" for you to REALLY be that loving person?!

So where are we now... What do I think towards all of society with such things? And this is just the BLIP of such things... There are other areas like this, a LARGE range of things. Do I feel disgusted, or maybe ashamed of being part of this Human Race? NO! Not at all if you can believe that. For one we all have lessons to learn, some are ready for some lessons, some are NOT ready to learn certain things. Each one of us are at different stages and levels in our development. Perhaps people who are ready for the next lesson will be guided to my random blogging and outlook of types. They might read it and learn from it, and become that improved person, and be well on their way to the next level or stage or learning and understanding.
  Trying not to go into to far into my crazy beliefs, as/if everything was set out before we arrived here by our higher selves, and we AGREED to it before coming. Then everyone and everything is intertwined, like a web or net of types, into our experience and learning. So what I type here, can be intertwined with anothers experience and learning. Simply by looking into such an idea can twist ones brain, so I will just leave it there.

My views, perceptions, and beliefs extend far and wide beyond what most normal people would even dare, or simply think of going. The very small section above about higher self and agreement before arriving to this life, can give an idea of what I mean by "extend far and wide" etc. But at any rate, I am so thankful to have my "crazy" views, maybe they are even outlandish and alien... But I am improved because of it all, so I am thankful.

Much love and light to anyone who reads the above, the simple understanding.


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