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Dream recording - War
chaos extended
Dream starts off in Thailand. I am in some market area of sorts, with Dan. I think Andrew was there as well even. Kinda nice nothing was strange at the start, just looking around and such with Dan.

I remember we leaving this main small side street, going around looking at the shops. I know I did specific things, like looked at specific things, but they are a haze. So after a but of looking we made our way back to this small side street we came from. I remember getting excited at some of the sweets/foods that the locals were selling, like it was some type of special day or event. Cannot remember if I got any or not really, but I know I was telling Dan about it all excited about these exotic type sweets.

Once this was done, we made our way down the side street, it was night time kinda. I remember a shadowy group jumping over the fences, thugs. Dan and me ran for a short distance, down a ramp. I make it down, and am stopped by idk what, was it some guy? I remember looking back after having a fast talk about what was going on, looking back, and seeing Dan get impaled with a spear. When the spear gos through Dans stomach he dropped, and the spear also snapped in two before he hit the ground. So spear gos through into Dan, when he starts to drop, spear snaps in two. Kinda strange, but hey, its a dream.

There was some person I was following, kinda bigger guy. But I also remember trying to just make my way through, but to where? So now the dream has turned into me making my way through countless thugs/kids, with guns and such. Also being chased kinda. At some point I got my hands on a gun as well.

Hard to remember where it leads, but the dream keeps "evolving". Fast tracking forward, the dream is now a war. Whatever team I was on seemed like some rebels/freedom fighters or something. Think of the NPC enemy's from COD: MW2 where you are shooting the enemy's in the streets.

I remember we were just hiding, I dont remember shooting anymore. Just running and hiding. Then it became more running, and seeing bombs being dropped, and exploding napalm. I would run, but each time the explosion would be closer to me, no matter how much I ran, the explosion would be closer to me each time. The area around me was war-torn. Cannot remember what made me wake up. The only color that stands out now I think of it, was the napalm, color of fire.


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