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Dream recording - Draconian
chaos extended

ARGH LOL! I really get frustrated when I somehow load another page over the MAIN page I am working on! I whipped the blog that I was almost done with Q.=.Q~~~!!!

So now I cannot be bothered really with re-adding my thoughts. Instead I will just keep this as a dream recording.


Dream recording - Draconian

Was at my aunts house. Was some gathering. Unsure for what reason really. Some faces I do not know, some I do. I remember greeting my cousins, hugging them. Shanon I remember something was not right... I could not hear what he said, like a bad mic or something. I know he was upset about something, but what was it? Like something had not gone well.

At some point I was talking to Robyn, on the phone? How was I talking to her? I know it had to do with something tripping (not what type of tripping x.x), about projection, about remote viewing? Or about how I could affect her, touch her from any distance? Not to make this sound perverted LOL!

Was on like a radio. But I was talking to her, we were on a channel of types. I remember choosing something, this makes so sense lol! But I touched her shoulder blade. I did not wanna look strange to the relatives, so I went out back. I messaged her shoulder blade for some reason. Nothing "sexual", just to effect her. I could see her, I think. I could see her kinda kink her head back, much like maybe if you are enjoying a message and you put your head back, or maybe if you are doing it too hard and you are putting your head back in discomfort.

I come back inside, things get strange. We are talking, maybe about a mediation. Funny enough we have a troll on our channel... Like a internet troll (look it up if ya dont know what I mean). Then more come on the channel we are on... And the voices start getting kinda creepy with how they are talking. I start getting bad vibes from them.
  I get worked up and tell Robyn to get off this channel, these are Negative beings... Voices started to turn into creepy whispers. We got on another channel at some point. I was more worried for Robyn then me. Kinda strange, these voices, many voices like an influence, and just general chattering.

Kinda changes to watching a movie now with the relatives and away from the above. So focus is more on the relatives now. Movie was the latest Land Before Time. I loved them movies, not really the new ones because they started to sing ~.~". So because of that, never watched to new ones (singing in them ruined them D=!).

So the dream shifts into this movie. a few groups of dinos and such. At some point it moves to Little Foots group as it dose. Desert area. Little Foot got HUGE! I was even thinking in the dream "suppose its where they have grown up! Pretty much how it was, them all grown up.

They are running along and the dream is going to change, to something very interesting.

We are running, yes now I am apart of the group pretty much, though I did not know it.

Choppers and missiles, tanks, coming towards ME while running... Maybe we was not even running, maybe flying? I looked like I was swiping at the missiles and choppers. It was low to the ground. And they looked small, like toys to my comparison.

At some point now its at some base, or complex. I am not human, at least I did not know right away that I was. I was a leader, head of this group I did not know who or what my group was right away. I am not sure what rank, other then I can give orders... And my orders felt like that they would be followed in fear and without question.

Whoever I was, I was strong... And feared... I had no mercy, or care for life. I smashed my fist into some end of a missile launcher. The force would launch whatever was in the tube, somewhere in the base/complex facility and explode. Letting off this yellow gas. A part of me was worried if I would be effected. Then instantly did not care what this gas was or who it would harm, other then the pleasure I took in releasing these gas loaded projectiles.

I smashed more of them. Smashing my fist into the end of this heavy metal, right into it like you would smash your fist into a foam box. Makes the missile/projectile launch off into the complex randomly. And I done this without effort, the metal would like give way to the force, fist just cave in the metal end. Also thinking about it now, my fist must of been big... Because it was as large as the end of the missile tube.

I remember communicating with another, giving commands. My voice was VERY deep, kinda scary sounding. I look down at a panel built into the ground. I explained that this was very important, to get some men onto this.  I remember when I was down lower, it looks rather techy.  
  One close to me, went to touch it and I told him NOT to or else I would probably break him. Telling him it needs to be handled with great care. I move to a second panel build into the ground, same thing. I say to get some men over get working on it, men who KNEW what they were doing and specialized for such a job. I explained something about these panels and why I/we were here... Some importance of types... I wont forget the deep voice I had, clear and vivid it was.

Back tracking. The enemy looked human. In military uniforms. At the end was very strange. I dont really remember much fighting while breaking stuff with my fist, and any fighting really in the facility. More felt like whatever happened my forces I had control of had taken care of the place, and the mission, [whatever it was] was a success. Pretty much I am the commander who comes in ones its finishes to check out the place? This is the feeling I get when I think about it now.


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