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Breakthrough - Constant Astral dreaming and dream herb 10:1
chaos extended
Shame on me for not blogging this on the day! No matter... Cannot say I have a great deal on throughts, but I can say I have made progress perhaps.

Calea Zacatechichi the Mexican dream herb (10:1 (10x) capsules) worked, I can confirm this. In fact, it worked, TOO WELL! But I wont jump the gun here, there are a number of factors I need to take in and note for the future (maybe). For one we need to take in the matter of strong intent! Its well known simply having a strong intent can greatly alter the subconscious. So now I have the matter of repeating Sunday night, even if it means another rough night...

So what do I mean when I say the herb worked "too well"? I mean once I went to sleep, my first dream was about trying to project, and getting vibrations. These dreams were extremely real, and most likely Astral dreams. Dreams were rough because of the vibrations themselves really, and stress of having these dreams over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over again... You get the idea...
I wake at around 11:45pm (going to bed at 10:30ish). I thought it was very strange for such a thing to happen, vibrations already?! I went back to sleep... Again with the dreaming! Same deal, rough dreams that involve trying to project and vibrations... So... this time getting a bit shaken up and decide to go online to chat to someone (obviously one of my friends who understand this stuff, and I can talk to). Feeling better, I go to sleep for the 3rd time! On the 3rd time I have my projection, more on this later! After waking at this point I really wanted it to stop, stop with these dreams... So i get to sleep again in due time, lay on my side and have the PC on bright and music on. Stopped the rough dreaming, did not stop me FROM dreaming (but I preferred the dreaming, as just dreaming, without vibrations and such).
  Fast note I decided to take the rest of my supplements on going to sleep the 3rd time, just to see the results.

The projection itself, was interesting. First time I was in my room, and looked at myself. But after recording it, was it a projection heavily mixed with dreaming? One I could not fly for shit, and two I could not visit the person I wanted to at all! I was beating myself up over this, but now I think that I should not! I mean dream or Astral, dose not matter, BOTH of these you can do ANYTHING! NO LIMITS AT ALL! I still have a massive amount of control over my actions anyway. More on the projection in the report.

Only thing I am left with now, is to repeat the process. To see if it was intent, or indeed the stronger dream herb! Or maybe both! Dose not matter, as long as I project, this is the only goal. To project and look for MY answers to all that is.

Any thoughts missed dont matter too much at this point.


Projection 5 Report

Wow what a night...

Someone helped me separate this time I know it... I got the vibrations, and was having a bit of trouble splitting. Then it was like someone was pulling me out! I remember saying "YES THATS IT KEEP PULLING! LITTLE MORE! LITTLE MORE!"
Then when I think I am out enough, I try moving off... Feels like I am stuck, to my body still? Tugging a bit, I think I could hear the bed sheets moving, from me tugging on my body... I relax a bit and then fully am apart.

I remember seeing these eyes that glow green when I float to the other side of the bed. I get them amplified emotions again! This time out of control, happy drunk type happy. With a massive smile, as far as me feeling what my expression is.

=omg Draxxis is that you? This gos on for about 10 sec=

I am trying to look for these eyes that are at the side of my head, and they go away...

For the first time I am in my room? I have not traveled anywhere? Out of my happy confusion, I take the chance to look back on myself, and wow it works! So trippy, and funny as hell! I was so happy haha, I created duality even. Started poking my face, kinda making my physical body jerk about a bit, and I could feel my body jerking about. I could see how my face had this, really big smile. And I could see my Fro -.-"
I thought it best to stop teasing my poor physical body, maybe it would screw up this projection.

I could here, my dog Toby? I am not sure, I thought my dog Toby was in my room, how did he get in my room? Like the presence of my dog Toby was in the room, on my bed... I thought I could hear him, how strange.

After trying to visit someone, and not having any luck... My attention got taken away when I looked outside my window! DAMN IT! I jump out with glee laughing. Then I look back and jump onto my roof. At this point I have probably zipped somewhere to IDK where... After jumping from my roof to another bit, I jump down. I can say I am not sure where I am... But at the same time I know where I am?

I am trying to fly about. Strange how this is so hard? Now thinking this, was it just some, super crazy dream? From projection then back into a dream? I would jump, and set back down. But I would fall back and get the HORRIBLE feeling of falling, like in them dreams! Also when I land very interesting to feel like in this physical, how you jump off something and you land with a thud and  a pressure on your joints.

I start trying to fly about, with some success but not much at all. I return...

I am very confused right now...


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