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Dream recording - trippy waves
chaos extended
Dreaming about Dan. I went to hes house, but got there and he had went on hes holidays. I got in through er, that bit I will keep to myself lol.  Scene in time gos to a grave yard, my views kinda like a camera. Someones explaining about spirits or something... And I dont really wanna see em cos its creepy and wanna move on.

In time I have reached a chopper, its all turned into a game now. Before taking off, I am attacked by something, unsure what. I get in the chopper flying over some city, and there is some giant massive carnivorous plant. It is attached to some building, kinda shack like.
Some reason I let it attack the chopper, yeah and I am in it. But, strange it feels like its wrapping around MY body... My arm...

At some point the chopper crashes and I am trying to climb up this building. To get into it to see who made this plant, or to see the source. Some reason all of a sudden I cared for this plant, and had a massive amount of unconditional love for it. I loved it like a child, so strange.
As I try climb up, the now for some reason shitty wooden structure collapses, keeping me from reaching the top. So I went off to hijack another chopper. I end up getting a jap bike. Some reason its mine, but it dose not start properly? But I get it to start after a second try.

Dream changes, I am with my dad I am sure... But what happen to my bike? I dont even know, its a haze. We are in some city, going through a city I am sure, maybe Sydney? I can see the water, its SOOOOO bizarre!
  Not the water, but what it dose... It somehow creates these walls of waves, like a tidal wave. I remember the bridge we just came off. the wave just comes RIGHT UP, vertical up like 50-100 foot! I am like HOLY SHIT DAD GET A LOAD OF THIS WAVE! Its so bizarre that it then heads for the bridge, but because its so thin the wave disintegrates. Most it dose is make the bridge super wet x.x!!!

So as we drive I see this happen a number of times. These waves going vertical up super high out of nowhere! But just dropping back down, what a trippy part of the dream. I think about it now, and its so very trippy!

We make it to some beach, and I wander off, tell my dad some stuff and went... I arrive to some shack with this little VW (car) was parked, somehow fitting in this small room shack... The guy who has gave me driving lessons through the years was there...
Looking out the the ocean, massive waves were made, vertical up and went down...

I am waiting to the side of the shack now... Some reason the water comes in, and I am like damn it I am gettting WET!!! And it keeps coming in, next thing I know I am holding onto the rock for dear life.

Cannot remember much after this... This I wake up... Limited time to record the dream, I recorded this in 5-8 min.

What did the plant mean, and me having the unconditional love towards it? Refusing to hurt it after being told to (by who I cannot remember), and a need to find its core? source? etc...

. What was the go with the massive but thin waves, going UP into a 50-100 foot wall of water type, then just going back down again?


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