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SUCCESS - Lucid dream to Projection
chaos extended
Very good morning!  Much success has been obtained, but also many things I need to get down for me to look back at in the future! Or if randoms want to read it, might help them out. So lets see, lets get into my thoughts for this morning:

.Projection triggers
.Astral realms

So! The supplements work for sure, they do a damn good job as well! Last week, I took them and timing was not that great at all. This time I changed times around:

Time bed - Around 10:40pm
Time up - 2:30am  Snoozed till 3am and took tablets.

No afternoon nap like last week. I took the Dream herb not too long before bed, I am not too sure how long now. Taken with a protein shake. I think maybe the dose is just too high, 6 tablets is more then enough. Not saying it made me sick, more, it simply did not seem to charge my dreams much more. As they say, more is not always better, very much the same with supplements.

I can say now I need to work out the spacing limits, for supplement intake. You must SPACE APART your in taking of these supplements! As an E.g, Galantamine stays in your system for 48 hours I think. I need to work out if I can space it every 5 days maybe. So far its once a week, and is not a bad thing at all! Good way to play it safe.

I have worked out my own projection triggers, but also can simply be the trance state between waking and sleep.  Also the supplements help majorly with this. In short, The first wave of vibrations I had this morning were triggered by visions (dreams call them w/e), but I am very conscious as far as I know. Slipping into dreaming and I NOTICE and see it, very strange. But this seems to allow me to trigger the vibrations. Its hard to explain anyhow, but I will keep going and each time learn more!

Astral realms are very different from dreams, at least I wont bother explaining, again very hard to explain. This morning I achieved my goal to gain projection through a lucid dream. i wont go into major details, that is what the report is for! But I can say it became the same trigger as explained above. The method I have read (that I was meant to do), simply is to stop and clear the dream. Trying to just appear in your room, as you are already projected. Not a very good explanation, too lazy to go copy and paste plus my net is super slow.

Now this is a big thing for me to look back on for some laughs! And is a first time experience! I encountered my first thought form, or elemental. I have read, and view them as harmless really. Only there to get your attention and play tricks on you, scare you and so on. And boy did it freak me out! Hard to say what form it had, but was small, and scurried on the ground. Again, I wont go into details, thats is what the report is for! What I can say is, I need to get better at staying calm, content, and show emotions of love! Very hard in the astral, emotions just come and sometimes you dont control them well at all.
  One needs to remember, the whole point of this elemental is to get your attention and scare you. So showing it love, is not what it wants, even scares it off. As I did, and it did not like it very much when I tried to show affection toward it. But that did not stop it from trying still, when my attention went away for a split moment it would try again to gain my attention. As soon as i SENSED this (and this is as soon as its attention focuses on me), I would turn around and try to get the little bugger!

Last thing is Emotions. There is a bigger reason why i got upset and left in the end, but I shall not go into this. After a small fuss with this little pigmi thing, I suddenly stopped, and got upset. Even started to sob! Very short time after I stopped and gained these emotions I felt I had to leave, I did so. This is the second experience I have had with with such emotions. Emotions are something very hard to get on top of in this place, and I want to better gain control over them. At least, I want to be able to reverse the emotion to something positive.
  Problem is, you cannot HIDE any emotions in the astral, I could not hide me being freaked out, and being rather unnerved to this troublesome elemental!  At least maybe at a beginner level, I suspect some masks can be created perhaps. But this is for another time.


Report - Vibration triggers

Small report. This is the second time I have gotten vibrations BEFORE sleep (first time last week), instead of after I have woken. Hard to explain, but for sure the supplements help to create a kinda of lucid clear mind. To better slip into visions needed.

I started see like, the side of a highway go past, or maybe a side of a river bank. At first when the picture started to apear confused me because I felt very much awake. And I let it continue. And sure enough i started to get the vibrations. This time was better then last week, I kept the state longer. But in the end I had other things on my mind that were making me very uneasy... I lost them. I went to sleep, and woke again later.

I was not disappointed. I kept a good train of thought, and kept in my head I could still project later! Even if I did not, this was a improvement! I learn more each time.


Dream before projection - CNC Renegade

Simple enough I was in a dream. Was about an old game called CNC renegade. It was in an old map, playing with I think perhaps one of the members I know on a site I go to often. I must say the dream is very very clear, and LOTS of detail, I can say like a movie. I can recall so much, these supplements have done there job well.

Anyway, I will cut this down, or else it will be like 3000 words I can remember so much. I said how this map was a good upgrade, and explained the flaws that there were to many entries into the base. Better then the older map, but it still had its flaws! The AI were not smart enough to cover so many places to enter the base.

 The dream NEVER shifts into black, its just one big dream! The dream kinda makes it way onto some type of street thing, and there are many people I know. I start walking and talking to one I know, I remember hes face well. Now here is the fun kicker that gets everything going!
  I start explaining something about dreaming. Then I just go "And I am dreaming right now..." Just blurt that out to finish the sentence. As SOON as I blurted it out, the look on my face must of been classic! Look of WAHHHHHHH O.O! I look around was so clear and STRANGE! I can defiantly say there is a MAJOR difference to a dream and the astral.

I turn away, and spin around again... I stop, and I know what I need to do. I stop, I cannot remember fully what I focused on, but the process worked. I started to come out of it, but not fully, I gained the vibrations!

Projection 5 - troublesome elemental! =Continued from dream=

I had vibrations. I was not detaching so easy like I normally do. I was kinda floating about a bit... I remember my head, it kinda felt like someone/something was tugging it, like did not really feel like it was something really bad. I only take note of this now. I decided to take a chance and roll over, and I detached. I then did what I wanted to do, visit a friend that I have a close connection to. So I focused on her! I forcused on a picture of her! At the time I could not see either, astral blindness. Not something too common for me.

Once I started to focus hard, and backed it up with strong intention, such focus on her! I lifted, kinda wobbly... I was like  "WOA!!! WOOOOAAA O.O". Taking note, I could not see so was kinda unnerving...
  For a moment I could feel wind, and hear it a bit. For a moment I felt nothing, but I kept focus as far as I know. Then I set down, I could not see. I will also point out, my mind is on another subject and its creating a type of uneasy fear, but I wont speak about this... But what it DID do, was VERY interesting, and a first time experience for me.

I wanted to see, see where I landed! I tried what I remembered to do, I thought "vision NOW!" Nothing much happened... Then I did the next thing I thought would work... Just OPEN my eyes as if I was doing it in the physical. I got some type of vision, kinda like I opened one eye.
As soon as I open my eye (even though you are not seeing with your eyes at all, you dont HAVE eyes in the astral), THIS THING CAME AT ME! I think it had six legs I am not sure, or maybe four! There was a round table, kinda close to a corner of the room,  I must sketch out what it looked like...
  Anyway, yeah it just CAME at me! Freaked me out! Soon as I gain some vision, there it was. Like as soon as i directed my attention at it, it knew and scurried towards me! Then I remember you dont show these things fear, instead love! I think I remember going at it and picking the damn thing up and hugged it, saying very loud "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" I put it down and it kinda scurried away, but would kinda go at me a little still. As soon as I try give it another hug it would scurry off! Its movements were pretty jerky, almost like, skipping or lagging a bit like in a game... But it did not like me trying to give it affection though... I dont think it could do me any harm, more like a little thought form, an elemental trying to scare me.

I then stopped... I lost control of my emotions (Must like the 4th time I projected). Started saying, and I think even crying saying how much I loved the person I was trying to visit (not as in I am in "in love" but just projection of unconditional love)... Then at this point I came back... I just felt like I had to leave. Now seems to be more clear when I spoke to the person I tried to visit, and is very clear for the whole event. Well bar the thought form, that was done by me and my emotions maybe.


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