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Progression with Projection
chaos extended
More progression with astral projection. I have two reports, one of the progression and one on my crazy amazing dream. Also many thoughts!

.Supplements and timing
.Mexican dream herb
.Factors that play a roll in projection (for me)

I decided I would space out when i take my supplements. Just because they are legal, and vitamins and such dose not mean you can take them every day. Timing and how you use them are a key factor. I was going to take them again On saturday, but had to work the early shift in the morning, so decided I would do it on Sunday night.

My first mistake was going against timing (again). I should of been in bed by around 10pm and got up at 4am, instead I went to bed after 11pm and did not even get up at 4am... I got up at 5:11am by my own will and somehow turned off my alarm at 4am (and I dont even remember turning it off). I decided to type up my dream and take the supplements anyway, and lucky for me I had some type of outcome so it was not a massive waste. I think it must of been 5:30am when I went to bed... BAD!

Bad, bad, bad! I need to get to sleep asap! Problem I have is I get hungry, and need to take a leak... I get up, eat a handful of nuts and go to the toilet. If I dont get to sleep soon, I just get REALLY hungry again, and then need to take another damn leak! So Its important to follow timing for me, get up, and be back in bed asap. Then get the state of mind to doze off fast as I can. If I wake in the sates needed for projection it dose not matter. I can wake and not really get hungry or need to go to the toilet, just when my body and mind becomes active it happens.
Calea Zacatechichi, the Mexican dream herb I can confirm works. But this was just the standard leaf, not enhanced. As well as I used a coffee grinder to grind the herb down to a fine powder, and then stuffed it in capsules. I am not 100% sure on the dose I had, but i had 6 overstuffed capsules (out of the 26 (20 something cannot remember how many I got). In all, it was meant to be 20g of herb, but some had been used, so really unsure how much all up I have left. It could be safe to say maybe I had around 3-4 grams maybe. I will be doubling the dose tomorrow night, and see how that gos.
  I have read that, the herb builds up tolerance, but I also read for others that it is the other way around! So i might have to find out myself, and doubling the dose is not really a good way of doing that x)! If I want to find out if it builds tolerance, or dose the reverse, I should really take the same dose I suppose. Still a few things to work out, like when its best to take the herb, dose etc. And will blog and report for myself for future reference!

I am starting to work out the factors that might be playing a roll for projection. Excuse some of the things that I feel play a roll by the way, each to there own beliefs!
  One I was thinking was with my training, I thought maybe it drained the energy body. Maybe hard training lowered the chance of projection perhaps, that always went through my mind. The week before when I had success, I had not trained for around 3-4 days beforehand. Meat intake (meat meant to shut down the energy body for a number of hours) has been nill for me the last few days, as it should, im trying to be vegan!
Another factor was supplements. Last week, that morning I took B6 and the melatonin, and that morning I projected and had vibrations a number of times! I am leaning more towards this factor, as the supplements put me in the right sate of sleep and vivid dreams I need, this I will explain on the report. This week I will train right through, and see if it is indeed the supplements playing the major factor. And yes I know, you dont need such an external influence to have what I need, but they sure to help and speed things up!


Projection Progress Report

This morning was not so great with getting back to sleep. I messed up the times, at least I had something happen and was not a massive waste.
  Started off simply, trying to get to sleep and just thinking of random thoughts. I started thinking about the old game "Conkers Bad Fur Day", about the Teddiz that in the game, were the Nazis in the game. Yes a game with Nazi stuffed teddy bears, was a great game x). As I went more and more to sleep, it becomes more dream-like? At one point, Nick, was controlling or had something to do with this, idk. Can see what I mean by "dream-like, but they were still waking thoughts. I slipped ever more, as I do, and the view gos to a PC screen that looks like its in my room, and Nicks supposedly sitting there. I make a stuffed shark type thing come out of the screen, and angrily say "im trying to go to sleep Nick, stop it". But keep in kind, I am still 60-75% conscious, but then it slips even more. Without me knowing the view seems to start to look out the window, out MY window. But this was different, I can call it like an "astral" dream it was real. By this time I can say I might of been 30% conscious, maybe less.

The state is hard to explain, but it is probably that deep trance state that is needed, the state that is not asleep but not awake. Your consciousness becomes a pinprick, but once you project it all comes back. What happened this time though, I came into the state of vibration and started thinking to much, instead of going back to the vision that started it. It really is a strange feeling, your torso detach and float about a little, while you know 100% you are laying in bed.

Dream - Sands of Time

Emotions: Nostalgia, upset.

Just ended up around the side of the road. Offered this guy a lift, he looked like a biky, but I wanted to do a random act of kindness or something. He agreed and said he needed a lift to Merryweather (if thats even a place near me, think it is with bad spelling). I agreed in the end, I was thinking about all that I am doing, and I I wanted to be a good person.
  He then said wait gotta get my stuff, and there was SHIT loads of this tent type stuff. I thought it was sus, but believed him when he said it was hes... loading up the ute. After a bit of loading I find the ute is empty, and some others have unloaded it onto their rig.

More and more people are turning up to snatch this stuff, like canoe boat stuffs and tent stuffs or something... Then some ass trys to steal me dads ute! I stopped him. After a bit of confusion, now there are lots of people... And a copper... He looks mexican! And he was not really a jerk, or bad person. Call me crazy (lol yeah already am hey), but I got the feeling he was more like a helper/guide person. As I say below, he was not really trying to screw me over, but help me out with the mixed up situation.

===wtf I am just tripping out right now about that, because I took this mexican dream herb??? Just noted that now, while typing this up.====

He explain to me how its kinda like a scam, to get people to leave their stuff on the side of the road (somehow). And at night the group comes and loots it all. I explained I did not see nothing. Heck, I explained my dad would believe me, because I go to the gym and nowhere else. He accepted what I was saying. I felt like I got out of some trouble there...

I was looking at the sky! It was so VIVID! Trippy, messed up, wtf was up with that... It was so beautiful! I was looking back and forth, to the sky. I even pointed it out to this copper! The sky was just so clear, with zero light pollution and then some! Constellations and clusters of starts that are not of this world!
  One cluster got my attention by doing a small fast light show while I look at it. The cluster then [at that moment] reminded me of a small faint cluster of stars I used to stare at often when I was really little, all the time. I cannot spot it out these days, maybe I should try spot them again, and I.D them... I remember long ago they where kinda reds and blues I think. I could be guessing how many are in the cluster, so I wont guess, but they could be counted with the fingers on your hand.

I noted how they shifted my dads ute in the sand. Its now shifted to a sand scene out of no where, it never change scene, never went black! Like it changed from a highway, and big round-a-bout, and changed to this sandy area close to a coast maybe, while I was looking to the stars back and forth!

The ute now in the sand and I knew it would get bogged down. I knew they would have to help me get out. So I kept asking "who is going to damn well help me get the ute out of this! Its sand ya cannot park it in that!" Then it was gonna get more trippy... And shift to an area no longer on this planet.

===Following is typed up BEFORE the above, I felt this was more important to get this down first with as much clear memory as I could===

Group ended up on the beach-like, rocky areas as well and sand? Went up this steep path, and we reached the top. The scene changed, but again never went black. We just got to the top of the steep sandy walk, and there was this coast, beach, ocean. I looked around...For no reason, I started yelling at the top of my lungs, "sands of time". Over and over, but I was upset and I knew it had something to do with finding a dragon, or dragons, or my dragon? At least thats what it feeling like now... I have bad Nostalgia now.

A beach area... BUT it was so VIVID! Looked like I had came to another dimension, different reality, even a different world... But I am under the impression it had to do with a place, a world that had to do with "Time" itself. Key to time and space or where time did not effect it at all. A place where I might find dragons even? Was I looking for some supposed "Keepers of Time"?
  The colors were outer worldly. Aquas, greens, blues... The sky was not blue but a mix of Aqua blues/greens. I seen like ruins in the ocean water close to the shore line. I kept yellling and screaming "Sands of time"... As if yelling at it, for something, very strong upset emotion backed with Nostalgia. Like the place was conscious/alive or something even... I really dont know why I was yelling this...

All of a sudden these white stoned statues came alive... Like the realm was not happy with me or something. The group I was with shit themselves and I piss bolted down... Not long after I woke...


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