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Projection success and other thoughts
chaos extended
Oh where to begin, this morning was AMAZING! My forth Astral Projection, and it was my longest, most exciting, most confusing one yet! Funny enough, it ended by MY will, not because it randomly ended.

I have a range of thoughts:

.Astral winds
.Strange astral events
.Super mind? Or subconscious?

Now I am going just say, I took some supplements this morning. I thought I would just try my B6 and Melatonin that I got in the mail. 250mcg of B6, and 500mcg of Melatonin. Other things I took were: Out-of-date ginko, fish oil tablets. I took 3 1000mg fish oil tablets before bed, and one ginko. I got up at around 4am when my alarm went off, and took another 3 fish oils, another ginko tablet, and the B6 and Melatonin.

I can say it had a great effect on my dreams! I had a whole range of dreams last night! I can say the most vivid (before the projection), was when I got in the chopper! We took off, and look at the ground was like watching a movie! It was just that clear! I noticed this and became somewhat lucid even, but after focusing and know how wonderful the view was, I woke kinda...

So where these supplements helping me to gain projection? I did get vibrations very very shortly after waking from a dream, and I felt strange. I was thinking that the B6 tablets were making me feel trippy. Pretty much after thinking that, I had a wave of Vibrations come over me, and rumbling! But I moved, trying to see if I could roll out, and lost the vibrations. I jokingly thought not long after "Boy be funny if I had the vibrations a second time".

Now onto the strange events within the "Astral planes". One was what I have read about in Robert Monroes books "Journeys out of the body". Sometimes a type of "astral wind" would blow him around, like some type of current. Sometimes they would be so strong he would just have to see where it would take him! For me I went outside for the first time, and was moon-jumping really high. Sometimes, it was like some wind took me REAL high. I would laugh and say "ohhh too high haha! Down gogogo xD! Like a feather being taken up in the air, the same was done to me. Its funny, because I should be flying around NOT walking...

Another REALLY strange event happened at the end of this. It was the event that ended my fun, and made me will myself back to my body. This location I now think was at my old house... I seen some person pull up into the driveway in a rush. As I state in what I have written down, I somehow knew the intentions of this person were very bad right away.
The kicker to this event was, well wtf man? I am in the astral! Was this a dream mixing with my projection? Was it a vision, as I have read about such things in books and around?! An event that has taken place now somewhere, or in the future?! Such things about events taking place are not uncommon from what I read, with visions. They can just come before you without warning... Also very interesting what i have read, about what you are made to see due to what you can comprehend. If you really want to understand this better, read the book Journeys out of the Body. As for what happened, I really have no idea... Seems crazy to me now...

Next next strange thing was what I tried to do! I thought maybe I can talk to this persons subconscious or something. I was overwhelmed with anger as well... Simply saying "you will not hurt these people go away". Pretty much that, and I got a reply! Reply was pretty much telling me that this person wanted too, and was going to do what he came here for. I have also read such things from the book mentioned above! Robert would try talking to people at the time, he would sometimes get replies as well. Some people he knew, and would say "now you wont forget to remember what I have said?! And the person, or super mind? Would reply back and agree. Robert would come back and when he could, ask if they remember anything. Needless to say, the person dose not recall anything of such an event.

Trying not to make this any longer then it should I have final thoughts! I am learning more and more! Each time it happens I learn something new about the place, or mistakes I make. Again, I was too excited! I started off very calm, but as soon as I remembered I never went outside and noticed I had the chance, I burst out laughing! Bonus I never been outside YAY! OUT I GOOO ^.=.^!!!!
I am also taking note about my surroundings. I am never where I think I am... Things can be out of place in the astral, I have even read this. But when I was infront of my old house, everything was but I did not know where I was right away. I think each time I will get better. I am always focused on what I need to do when I am there, but I think I need to try focus on knowing where the hell I end up! Being more aware of my surroundings.

As always, I dont expect anyone to believe me. I even expect you to think I am mad and insane. I am not trying to prove anything to anyone! These are simple blogs in the end for ME to look back on anyway.

My forth Astral Projection

LOL! WHERE DID I GO?! Ok longest projection ever!? Will get right into it before I FORGET!

Early that morning, I had vibrations I was very disappointed because of impatience! I had then thought I would roll over... I did so and lost them! I was not pissed or upset, was happy just to have the vibs again. I jokingly thought "haha be funny if i got the vibrations a 2nd time that be a hoot! Boy was I in for a fun morning holy CRAP!

Now I had this dream... It was in a classroom... I even think I remember the teacher! Mr Rayfield? Math teacher I think... Probably wrong spelling of hes name. Long story short, I get in trouble, and now I am being held back...
I am in a class room, and I think I semmi wake up. I dose back to sleep I THINK? I try to get back to sleep, and I here this sudden rumble, much like the same from vibrations, but only for a split moment. I then try dose off again, for some reason I am able to go in and out of a dream that I prefer, SO STRANGE! Also very hard to explain, memory is slipping out of my mind like sand through fingers.
But I was using this dream to induce the vibrations, I did not know it would... But some reason I did... I was going through this portal, it was metal like and had doors. Much like on some ship... Like I was taking off or something. I willed myself to go faster, each time I go to a door it quickly opened. I started to come to a bright light.

Now, I am trying to remember if I detached from my body while this was happening... Or if going all the way give me the vibrations. Anyway I had success!

Trying to get all this in,IT JUST RUNS THROUGH MY FINGERS! I think I floated up and down? Or did I roll out? I know I was very light, and EXCITED! I thought I was still in my room, I was walking very calm. I know why thoughts must be important now, because I never am in my room! Where the hell was I? From what I can gather now, I was at my old house, at that street.
Anyway. I came to a room, with a ceiling fan and glass table. I even remember saying I remember this place? But seemed out of place! I spotted "outside", I never been outside before! I got excited, REALLY excited and forgot my main goals! VOOOOM, out I went haha! So excited I did not notice where I was!

I remembered my goal, I wanted to try get my guide, or one of these helpers! And I remember reading ways that one might "Ask". Not really good to beg, or say "I need help", but rather say something like " it would be so nice if I could be taken *insert place*. I think thats how it gos...

Anyway, I started to have some fun. I started really moon jumping about, laughing so hard! I even see a car come up the street, and wanted to go in front of it so I could go through it hahaha!

I went down the street that gos directly down, like if you are facing up the road of this street, you would be facing my old house. Strange things happened as well. Sometimes, like a wind picking me up, blew me higher then I wanted to go. I was not afraid when this happen, but I remembered I read about these strange "astral winds". I remember laughing each time it happened! And wanting to be closer to the ground. No fear, because I always know I am 100% safe, even though I am told and read different things that say otherwise.

I come back to the road that my old house is on. Something strange happens... Well not really. A car comes up the road and I joke around and act like a ghost as if the person in the car could see me...

Now here comes the strange part. I see a red 4weel drive pull into me old house... I mean it really pulls in. Somehow, some reason I knew the persons intentions right away, RIGHT AWAY. At this point I got lost, I lost myself! I got so angry! I forgot I did not have any real effect in this place to non astral people, to a point anyway. I seen him get out of the vehicle, and I grabbed him, and he stopped? I still knew where I was, but I seen if I could talk to hes "subconscious" or something.
My words were backed up with strong anger and a will to stop this person "You will NOT hurt these people" "Go away". Now I have read this next bit from a book I am reading I got a reply: "Oh but I want to hurt them, I am going to".

After seeing I could do nothing in this state, I flew back and started strongly willing myself back to my body. I even started screaming it "GET ME BACK TO MY BODY! NOW! I HAVE TO GET BACK!"
Pretty much after that everything just gos black and blur for a for moments and I wake up and sit up in my bed! I laugh! YOU HAVE TO BE SHITTING MEEEEEEEE! Any angry or fear I had flew out the window!

Boy do I have many thoughts to add to my blog today! Mainly about the dreams, the supps I took this morning, different things that happen at the time, and the strange event at the end? Was that a dream? Mixed with the projection? Did I port from my street to another house somewhere in the "world" and seen an event take place? Was it a vision of some type, as such things are meant to take place? Oh yeah, what a morning!

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