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So I am sharing what I am ding, no harm done. This note talks about the program I am going with, one I sat down and done for myself. I never sat down and worked out a program, ever. I would just come in the gym and do my thing, and it would always go well anyway. But I have a fresh start on my hands, and I have a chance to go back to basics. The days that are set out can seem extreme, but I set out movement sets and reps according. I honestly want to see how my body reacts, and I think I can have enough faith in myself for the amount of training I have done in the past.I am aiming for heavier lifts, lower reps. Although some movements have different higher rep ranges, altered to suit me. Like for Squats, I have no spotter and I want to get form going. I always had a habbit of pushing off my toes not my heels. I will add below each one with a note of the 'whys', the reasons I went for the sets and reps that I did.


So its back to basics then. Although I split off Bicep and Tris to different days. I always wanted to scrap the idea of just working within a week, so I have. You will notice my program overlaps into the next week. As the weeks go by, Chest moves down the week until on the seventh week its back on Monday. The seventh week has rotated back to the first. At this point I am going to Deload. Its one thing I have kinda known and read about but never took serious note about. Its something I am going to do this time though. 

 Its all spaced out evenly. You will notice anything to do with Legs are space with 8 days between. I dont have the money to take the buss, I go on foot everywhere and it will be a 30-40min slow walk to the gym (SLOW walk lol). So it worked out well to set up legs this way. After 7 weeks I will see how my body has reacted. What I can do is make it even more basic, and put Tris and Bis with Chest and Back. I would then go into other compound movments like close grip bench, up right rows, Straight legged dead lifts. I wanted to add them in but with how its set out, I feel I would defo overtrain body parts. I am wondering if two days apart for Tris and Bis from chest and back will be enough I am unsure. And with all the presses I am doing shoulders are getting well worked. So this has ran my mind so I will just have to see how I go, see what gets sore.Week 1

Monday - Chest

Tuesday – Legs-Quads

Wednesday – Bicep and traps

Thursday – Triceps and Shoulders

Friday – Legs-Hamstring and calves

Saturday - Back

Sunday – Chest

 Week 2

Monday – HIIT

Tuesday – Bicep and Traps

Wednesday - Triceps and Shoulders

Thursday - Legs-Quads

Friday - Back

Saturday - Chest

Sunday - Legs-Hamstring and calves

 Week 3

Monday – Bicep and traps

Tuesday - Triceps and Shoulders

Wednesday - HIIT

Thursday - Back

Friday - Chest

Saturday – Legs-Quads

Sunday – Bicep and Traps

 Week 4

Monday – Triceps and Shoulders

Tuesday – Legs-Hamstring and calves

Wednesday – Back

Thursday – Chest

Friday - HIIT

Saturday – Bicep and Traps

Sunday - Triceps and Shoulders

 Week 5

Monday – Legs-Quads

Tuesday – Back

Wednesday – Chest

Thursday – Legs-Hamstring and calves

Friday – Bicep and Traps

Saturday – Triceps and Shoulders

Sunday – HIIT

 Week 6

Monday – Back

Tuesday – Chest

Wednesday – Legs-Quads

Thursday – Bicep and Traps

Friday – Triceps and Shoulders

Saturday – Legs-Hamstring and calves

Sunday – Back

 Week 7

Monday – Chest

Tuesday – HIIT

Wednesday – Bicep and Traps

Thursday – Triceps and Shoulders

Friday – Legs-Quads

Saturday – Back

Sunday – Chest

 DELOAD two weeks

I have decided with two weeks to Delaod. I have read you can take a week off or ease back to some 40%. I have decided I am going to do both, although I have read people have the week off and loose the groove! The first week either way I am gonig to focus on Stretching A LOT. This should keep me in the groove and habit. The second Deload week I grouped three days together. Not much to say there.

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - Rest

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - Rest

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Rest

Sunday –  Back/Bicep/Traps

Monday – Chest/Triceps/Shoulders

Tuesday – Legs

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - Rest

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - Rest




WARMUP – 2-3 Sets 15 reps 30% Weight

.Slight inclined Dumbbell press – 2 Sets 10 Reps

.Flat Dumbbell Press – 3 Sets (First set 8-10 reps) 6 Reps

.Dips OR Decline Dumbbell Press– 2 sets 6 Reps

.Machine OR Dumbbell Flys ( finisher) – 2 sets 12 Reps

NOTE: Incline not harsh, I have had shoulder problems. I will go with Dumbell press not bench because I had less pressure on my shoulders using dumbells. I think I can squeeze them better, due to being able to bring the advantage of bring the Bells together. I dont see any logical reason on what my chest will miss out on if I am not going with the bench. Most I will miss out on is a busted shoulder for me. Dips I will make sure I am forward angle to focus on lower chest, or I will just go with decline Bells. The finisher is just that, a finisher to finish up any fibers I did not hit. I might prefer the cables on this note.


WARMUP – 2-3 Sets 15 reps 30% Weight

.Chin-Ups – 3 Sets 6 Reps Perfect Form

.Pull-Downs (Finisher) - 2 Sets 12 reps

.Bent-Over Barbell Rows – 3 Sets (First set 8-10 reps) 6 Reps

.Single Dumbbell Rows (Finisher) - 2 Sets 6 Reps

.Dead Lifts – 3 Sets (First set 8 Reps) 3 Rep Max NOTE:I believe Chin-ups should be perfect form, no worming and shaking about to get them reps up, no momentum ever. Sometimes the first set will be 8-10 to get the blood flow going for a different movment. Deadlifts will be tripple, period. I have a chance to go heavy and not feel bad that I am not doing higher/medium reps.

Triceps and Shoulders:

WARMUP – 2-3 Sets 15 reps 30% Weight

.Standing Barbell Press OR Seated Dumbbell Press – 3 Sets 8 Reps

.Two hand OR One hand Dumbbell Flys with head down(Finisher) – 2 Sets 12 Reps

.Back Delts – 3 Sets 12 Reps

.Skull Crushers with EZ bar – 2 Sets 8 Reps

.Reverse Pushdowns with EZ bar – 2 Sets 8 Reps

NOTE: 8 reps for them presses, due to past shoulder problems I dont want max pressure on my shoulders. I might even do 10 reps here. Same with skull crushers, I might go 10 reps because of past elbow problems.  When I do my Shoulder Flys, it will be head down. I want to work traps least as I can because the day before I have done traps. I will see how I get on. I could very well see myself change it around a week later so Traps are with shoulders, then I could do upright Rows. Maybe not even train traps at all (not do shrugs or rows). If you keep your head back/up when doing Flys, you highly work your traps, sh!t load more. Flys would probably have 3 sets instead of 2

Bicep and Traps:

WARMUP – 2-3 Sets 15 reps 30% Weight

.Dumbbell Curls – 3 Sets 10 Reps an Arm

.Double OR Single Arm Hammer Curls– 2 Sets 6 Reps

.Shrugs – 4 Sets (First set 12 reps) 6 Reps

.Wrist Curls (finisher) – 2 Sets 12 Reps

NOTE: 10 reps for Bi Bell curls. Also not even EZ bar curls. I used to ahve past problems with my Bicep getting tight fast and not really being able to keep stretching enough. Also I had major issues with my forearm, so for years I had no choice but to go with Bell curls only. Shrugs on this day. I could of set them with Back, traps ARE your back but... Its too close to Shoulders and Tris being a only a day rest. I think this body part was the only muddle of choice on what I should do here, I mean day ,later is Shoulders...

Hamstring and Calves:

WARMUP – 2-3 Sets 15 reps 30% Weight

.Standing OR Laying Hamstring Curls – 2Sets 12Reps 4Sets 6Reps

.Standing Calve Raises – 3 Sets (First set 12 Reps) 6 Reps

.Bent leg Calve Raises – 3 Sets (First set 12 reps) 6 Reps

NOTE:No standing deads for hamstring D=! No matter. I am not stressing about hamstring so it will be 6 sets of a movement for hamstring with reps varied. But looking how the days are set, Dead lifts sometimes are close to quads, close to squats. So some days I might put them on the days I train Hamstring, some days with Quads, some days maybe with Back. To be honest I only noted this while typing this note so its a good thing I spotted it out. So if I am able I will do Streight leggeds.


WARMUP – 2-3 Sets 15 reps 30% Weight

.Front AND Back Squats – 3 Sets each. 12 Reps perfect form, pushing off heel.

.Leg extensions (Finisher) – 3 Sets 10 Reps

NOTE: My legs, my quads were the body part the excelled. I am not going to waste my energy on leg press, I rather utterly smash Squats. Again Squats highly works lower back, so depending on whats close to whatever on the week in question, will see if I do deadlifts on Quad day. No way I am having dealifts on a seperate day to have a hurting lower back on Quad day.

CONCLUSION: I went with what I feel on this. For the first seven weeks I will just use protein powder, although different proteins folr different release times. Simple carb after training. Honestly no Roids either, even if they are legal here to use. So in saying this, I had to set out sets and reps to how I think my body might handle it. The idea is simple, Snail it to the gym and SMASH it, then get out and get home. I can see a session only going for 30min-45min and this is prefered. The growing happens outside the gym, the fiber busting at the gym. Faster I  bust them fibers the faster I can start to repair. I was going to do 30 second rests, maybe 45 seconds, I think this will change. Seens as I will be going heavier, I will need a longer rest for max weight. I think for 12 reps I will rest 30 seconds, 8-10 reps 45 seconds, 6 reps 1 min. Any tripples I think 1min 30 sec to 2 min is good.I am excited.

Got gains make no mistake, progress in different ways in the past. But I never stuck to a program, it would be different each workout and I suppose this has its benefits to keep the body guessing. When I first started training my best gains were from 4 sets a movement, 2 sets 10 reps, 1 set 6 reps, and last set 10 reps again. Basic AmIright? Well explosive gains yeah because I first started training, but either way I gained 20-35KG over 2-2 1/2 years using just this basic rule. No Roids either, just eating a shit load and shot gun supplement strategy. Although my eating was not clean going into 80kg and above, doing the old school classic Bulk-up then haha.  I look back, and when I moved away from this really simple set and rep rule, I never gained up again like I did. I started doing super high reps, lots of different movments, super sets, drop sets, drop sets with super sets you name it. See what it can do for me again.

Its time to get Back to Basics and I am EXCITED


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