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chaos extended

~The Burning Will~

Quest to the Astral Planes

Plan of Attack - Training Program ~Facebook notes~
chaos extended

So I am sharing what I am ding, no harm done. This note talks about the program I am going with, one I sat down and done for myself. I never sat down and worked out a program, ever. I would just come in the gym and do my thing, and it would always go well anyway. But I have a fresh start on my hands, and I have a chance to go back to basics. The days that are set out can seem extreme, but I set out movement sets and reps according. I honestly want to see how my body reacts, and I think I can have enough faith in myself for the amount of training I have done in the past.I am aiming for heavier lifts, lower reps. Although some movements have different higher rep ranges, altered to suit me. Like for Squats, I have no spotter and I want to get form going. I always had a habbit of pushing off my toes not my heels. I will add below each one with a note of the 'whys', the reasons I went for the sets and reps that I did.


So its back to basics then. Although I split off Bicep and Tris to different days. I always wanted to scrap the idea of just working within a week, so I have. You will notice my program overlaps into the next week. As the weeks go by, Chest moves down the week until on the seventh week its back on Monday. The seventh week has rotated back to the first. At this point I am going to Deload. Its one thing I have kinda known and read about but never took serious note about. Its something I am going to do this time though. 

 Its all spaced out evenly. You will notice anything to do with Legs are space with 8 days between. I dont have the money to take the buss, I go on foot everywhere and it will be a 30-40min slow walk to the gym (SLOW walk lol). So it worked out well to set up legs this way. After 7 weeks I will see how my body has reacted. What I can do is make it even more basic, and put Tris and Bis with Chest and Back. I would then go into other compound movments like close grip bench, up right rows, Straight legged dead lifts. I wanted to add them in but with how its set out, I feel I would defo overtrain body parts. I am wondering if two days apart for Tris and Bis from chest and back will be enough I am unsure. And with all the presses I am doing shoulders are getting well worked. So this has ran my mind so I will just have to see how I go, see what gets sore.Week 1

Monday - Chest

Tuesday – Legs-Quads

Wednesday – Bicep and traps

Thursday – Triceps and Shoulders

Friday – Legs-Hamstring and calves

Saturday - Back

Sunday – Chest

 Week 2

Monday – HIIT

Tuesday – Bicep and Traps

Wednesday - Triceps and Shoulders

Thursday - Legs-Quads

Friday - Back

Saturday - Chest

Sunday - Legs-Hamstring and calves

 Week 3

Monday – Bicep and traps

Tuesday - Triceps and Shoulders

Wednesday - HIIT

Thursday - Back

Friday - Chest

Saturday – Legs-Quads

Sunday – Bicep and Traps

 Week 4

Monday – Triceps and Shoulders

Tuesday – Legs-Hamstring and calves

Wednesday – Back

Thursday – Chest

Friday - HIIT

Saturday – Bicep and Traps

Sunday - Triceps and Shoulders

 Week 5

Monday – Legs-Quads

Tuesday – Back

Wednesday – Chest

Thursday – Legs-Hamstring and calves

Friday – Bicep and Traps

Saturday – Triceps and Shoulders

Sunday – HIIT

 Week 6

Monday – Back

Tuesday – Chest

Wednesday – Legs-Quads

Thursday – Bicep and Traps

Friday – Triceps and Shoulders

Saturday – Legs-Hamstring and calves

Sunday – Back

 Week 7

Monday – Chest

Tuesday – HIIT

Wednesday – Bicep and Traps

Thursday – Triceps and Shoulders

Friday – Legs-Quads

Saturday – Back

Sunday – Chest

 DELOAD two weeks

I have decided with two weeks to Delaod. I have read you can take a week off or ease back to some 40%. I have decided I am going to do both, although I have read people have the week off and loose the groove! The first week either way I am gonig to focus on Stretching A LOT. This should keep me in the groove and habit. The second Deload week I grouped three days together. Not much to say there.

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - Rest

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - Rest

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Rest

Sunday –  Back/Bicep/Traps

Monday – Chest/Triceps/Shoulders

Tuesday – Legs

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - Rest

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - Rest




WARMUP – 2-3 Sets 15 reps 30% Weight

.Slight inclined Dumbbell press – 2 Sets 10 Reps

.Flat Dumbbell Press – 3 Sets (First set 8-10 reps) 6 Reps

.Dips OR Decline Dumbbell Press– 2 sets 6 Reps

.Machine OR Dumbbell Flys ( finisher) – 2 sets 12 Reps

NOTE: Incline not harsh, I have had shoulder problems. I will go with Dumbell press not bench because I had less pressure on my shoulders using dumbells. I think I can squeeze them better, due to being able to bring the advantage of bring the Bells together. I dont see any logical reason on what my chest will miss out on if I am not going with the bench. Most I will miss out on is a busted shoulder for me. Dips I will make sure I am forward angle to focus on lower chest, or I will just go with decline Bells. The finisher is just that, a finisher to finish up any fibers I did not hit. I might prefer the cables on this note.


WARMUP – 2-3 Sets 15 reps 30% Weight

.Chin-Ups – 3 Sets 6 Reps Perfect Form

.Pull-Downs (Finisher) - 2 Sets 12 reps

.Bent-Over Barbell Rows – 3 Sets (First set 8-10 reps) 6 Reps

.Single Dumbbell Rows (Finisher) - 2 Sets 6 Reps

.Dead Lifts – 3 Sets (First set 8 Reps) 3 Rep Max NOTE:I believe Chin-ups should be perfect form, no worming and shaking about to get them reps up, no momentum ever. Sometimes the first set will be 8-10 to get the blood flow going for a different movment. Deadlifts will be tripple, period. I have a chance to go heavy and not feel bad that I am not doing higher/medium reps.

Triceps and Shoulders:

WARMUP – 2-3 Sets 15 reps 30% Weight

.Standing Barbell Press OR Seated Dumbbell Press – 3 Sets 8 Reps

.Two hand OR One hand Dumbbell Flys with head down(Finisher) – 2 Sets 12 Reps

.Back Delts – 3 Sets 12 Reps

.Skull Crushers with EZ bar – 2 Sets 8 Reps

.Reverse Pushdowns with EZ bar – 2 Sets 8 Reps

NOTE: 8 reps for them presses, due to past shoulder problems I dont want max pressure on my shoulders. I might even do 10 reps here. Same with skull crushers, I might go 10 reps because of past elbow problems.  When I do my Shoulder Flys, it will be head down. I want to work traps least as I can because the day before I have done traps. I will see how I get on. I could very well see myself change it around a week later so Traps are with shoulders, then I could do upright Rows. Maybe not even train traps at all (not do shrugs or rows). If you keep your head back/up when doing Flys, you highly work your traps, sh!t load more. Flys would probably have 3 sets instead of 2

Bicep and Traps:

WARMUP – 2-3 Sets 15 reps 30% Weight

.Dumbbell Curls – 3 Sets 10 Reps an Arm

.Double OR Single Arm Hammer Curls– 2 Sets 6 Reps

.Shrugs – 4 Sets (First set 12 reps) 6 Reps

.Wrist Curls (finisher) – 2 Sets 12 Reps

NOTE: 10 reps for Bi Bell curls. Also not even EZ bar curls. I used to ahve past problems with my Bicep getting tight fast and not really being able to keep stretching enough. Also I had major issues with my forearm, so for years I had no choice but to go with Bell curls only. Shrugs on this day. I could of set them with Back, traps ARE your back but... Its too close to Shoulders and Tris being a only a day rest. I think this body part was the only muddle of choice on what I should do here, I mean day ,later is Shoulders...

Hamstring and Calves:

WARMUP – 2-3 Sets 15 reps 30% Weight

.Standing OR Laying Hamstring Curls – 2Sets 12Reps 4Sets 6Reps

.Standing Calve Raises – 3 Sets (First set 12 Reps) 6 Reps

.Bent leg Calve Raises – 3 Sets (First set 12 reps) 6 Reps

NOTE:No standing deads for hamstring D=! No matter. I am not stressing about hamstring so it will be 6 sets of a movement for hamstring with reps varied. But looking how the days are set, Dead lifts sometimes are close to quads, close to squats. So some days I might put them on the days I train Hamstring, some days with Quads, some days maybe with Back. To be honest I only noted this while typing this note so its a good thing I spotted it out. So if I am able I will do Streight leggeds.


WARMUP – 2-3 Sets 15 reps 30% Weight

.Front AND Back Squats – 3 Sets each. 12 Reps perfect form, pushing off heel.

.Leg extensions (Finisher) – 3 Sets 10 Reps

NOTE: My legs, my quads were the body part the excelled. I am not going to waste my energy on leg press, I rather utterly smash Squats. Again Squats highly works lower back, so depending on whats close to whatever on the week in question, will see if I do deadlifts on Quad day. No way I am having dealifts on a seperate day to have a hurting lower back on Quad day.

CONCLUSION: I went with what I feel on this. For the first seven weeks I will just use protein powder, although different proteins folr different release times. Simple carb after training. Honestly no Roids either, even if they are legal here to use. So in saying this, I had to set out sets and reps to how I think my body might handle it. The idea is simple, Snail it to the gym and SMASH it, then get out and get home. I can see a session only going for 30min-45min and this is prefered. The growing happens outside the gym, the fiber busting at the gym. Faster I  bust them fibers the faster I can start to repair. I was going to do 30 second rests, maybe 45 seconds, I think this will change. Seens as I will be going heavier, I will need a longer rest for max weight. I think for 12 reps I will rest 30 seconds, 8-10 reps 45 seconds, 6 reps 1 min. Any tripples I think 1min 30 sec to 2 min is good.I am excited.

Got gains make no mistake, progress in different ways in the past. But I never stuck to a program, it would be different each workout and I suppose this has its benefits to keep the body guessing. When I first started training my best gains were from 4 sets a movement, 2 sets 10 reps, 1 set 6 reps, and last set 10 reps again. Basic AmIright? Well explosive gains yeah because I first started training, but either way I gained 20-35KG over 2-2 1/2 years using just this basic rule. No Roids either, just eating a shit load and shot gun supplement strategy. Although my eating was not clean going into 80kg and above, doing the old school classic Bulk-up then haha.  I look back, and when I moved away from this really simple set and rep rule, I never gained up again like I did. I started doing super high reps, lots of different movments, super sets, drop sets, drop sets with super sets you name it. See what it can do for me again.

Its time to get Back to Basics and I am EXCITED

Astral projection - Coming back
chaos extended
Its been a while since I added any updates for my progressions with Astral projection. I decided to take a break until further notice, for a few reasons.

The dream herb I report about was in short, the wrong way for me to try Astral project. I go as far as saying, I was trying to force myself to project. From what I am told by Rylee (with the help of Kelly), that I damaged mechanisms to do with my ability to Astral project. I can say I agree with this, because in the last number of runs trying to push the practice on created some nasty outcomes. After these outcomes I just felt I should just slow down and stop for a bit. You can read some of these outcomes in my past blogs (One where the Dream herb worked too well).

Not long ago, Rylee told me some interesting news. Part of the news was that I damaged some things, but also that these things can be fixed. I ask if it is all coming back, I am bold to say yes already is so. I am starting to get a few dreams that are strongly Astral based again, much like I first started trying to Astral Project. To this conclusion, Astral Projection should only be done natural, with no help from any external source. Maybe Tones to help sync your brain, but thats it.

Today was the first time I had a major Projection dream in a while. So real to a point I was out of bed, but thought I failed at projecting, so I got back into bed! I have had this happen before. When waking, great amusement flows because I realize that I in fact really did project. What I can remember from the Astral dream the most, was how my vision was picking up and seeing through to something else. I only say it looked angelic, clouds, bright clear while light. This was patching through my normal vision of my supposed room, and is what stands out the most in my memory.

Another thing I note from this experience, is it felt right. It felt natural, even though I had trouble trying to perform. Much like the early days before when I had Astral dreams or projections. But later on with forcing it all, when I did project even if it was not with the use of the Dream herb, it did not feel right. Everything was often dark and gloomy, nothing like the bright shiny Astral I remember when it came on by itself.
  Projection seems like its coming on by itself again, this is interesting and exciting. I plan to accelerate this by natural practices like Meditation and energy work to just name two. This is acceptable, and is the only way I will follow through with all this now.

It all begins of the new chapter when I arrive~

One of the MANY amusing behavors I see and have seen for a long time.
chaos extended
As many changes go for me, some changes are as such... Birthdays and Christmas mean nothing to me, and have not for a long long time now. They are nothing more then another day. But until a very short time ago, it was suggested the day is worth something, that it is the joining of families and such, and the projection of love and good vibrations etc. This did not fully change my view, at best simply saying, well thats a good point and so be it.

But now I fully put forward, that again such a day means nothing! It is just a day of the year! An illusion of something that should be done every day of your waking lives! Do you really need a single day of the year to come together? A single day of the year to output more love then normal? A single day of the year you should be giving or selfless?

This can extend to a few other things such as this quote:

"Ask yourself whether the dream of Heaven and Greatness should be waiting for us in our graves, or whether it should be ours here and now and on this Earth?

Ayn Rand"

And then we can go into "New year's resolutions". Some humorous time of year people want to make their changes and improvements! And as far as I know, fail at them... I remember last year, Tripple J had people ringing in on NYRs they failed at like its some joke... Oh yes, it is, a real joke indeed.

Oh and dont get me started about what happens when SUMMER starts to arrive... People start to get out and about, try to "get in shape" or "loose a few" for summer?! You want to try get in shape out of the way you are now, and just in a few short months?! I am not sure what people do in other countries, but in Australia, its a thing that happens every time before summer... Some people take advantage of this with their advertisements, sucking in people easy I bet: "Get in shape this summer, FAST!"

So What is my point to all the above, and to anything LIKE the above? Well, the quote from Ayn Rand, should waves the reason right in your face... Do you really need such days to do ANY of these things? REALLY?! You can do them right NOW! What is stopping you? YOU are stopping YOURSELF!

This brings me to two more things that should be so obvious, and are (or might as well) be in the same boat as the above...

People live day to day, smoking, drinking, eating junk... They can see PHYSICALLY how it effects them, they know they should probably stop (thats a BIG probably). But the main ones are smoking and drinking here... It takes the doctor to tell them they have something REALLY REALLY wrong with them, probably life threatening to change their ways. Just because a Doctor told them to?! You really need to wait until its basically TOO LATE? I am sure a good number of times, not only is the damage done, but it could very well cost the person their lives... So dose this mean you need your life on the line to make the right change? The changes to better, happier, healthier living?

Then we have MY subject I love and am well into. Such is named and is well apart from Religion, it is Spirituality. Now I can tell you, I have come a long way in a very short time. I am an improved person because of it all. And in the end, lets say if NON of the crazy things related to the subject were "not real", proven wrong for some reason... I am a much more improved person from it all! I am much more accepting and a large range of other things because of it!

Now I am guilty of my last point... But in the end, do any of us need such beliefs to be nice, kind, understanding, accepting people? I have had to come this far to see this... But do you really need the idea of "you are going to hell" or "you are going to repeat you lessons in the next life over and over" for you to REALLY be that loving person?!

So where are we now... What do I think towards all of society with such things? And this is just the BLIP of such things... There are other areas like this, a LARGE range of things. Do I feel disgusted, or maybe ashamed of being part of this Human Race? NO! Not at all if you can believe that. For one we all have lessons to learn, some are ready for some lessons, some are NOT ready to learn certain things. Each one of us are at different stages and levels in our development. Perhaps people who are ready for the next lesson will be guided to my random blogging and outlook of types. They might read it and learn from it, and become that improved person, and be well on their way to the next level or stage or learning and understanding.
  Trying not to go into to far into my crazy beliefs, as/if everything was set out before we arrived here by our higher selves, and we AGREED to it before coming. Then everyone and everything is intertwined, like a web or net of types, into our experience and learning. So what I type here, can be intertwined with anothers experience and learning. Simply by looking into such an idea can twist ones brain, so I will just leave it there.

My views, perceptions, and beliefs extend far and wide beyond what most normal people would even dare, or simply think of going. The very small section above about higher self and agreement before arriving to this life, can give an idea of what I mean by "extend far and wide" etc. But at any rate, I am so thankful to have my "crazy" views, maybe they are even outlandish and alien... But I am improved because of it all, so I am thankful.

Much love and light to anyone who reads the above, the simple understanding.

Dream recording - War
chaos extended
Dream starts off in Thailand. I am in some market area of sorts, with Dan. I think Andrew was there as well even. Kinda nice nothing was strange at the start, just looking around and such with Dan.

I remember we leaving this main small side street, going around looking at the shops. I know I did specific things, like looked at specific things, but they are a haze. So after a but of looking we made our way back to this small side street we came from. I remember getting excited at some of the sweets/foods that the locals were selling, like it was some type of special day or event. Cannot remember if I got any or not really, but I know I was telling Dan about it all excited about these exotic type sweets.

Once this was done, we made our way down the side street, it was night time kinda. I remember a shadowy group jumping over the fences, thugs. Dan and me ran for a short distance, down a ramp. I make it down, and am stopped by idk what, was it some guy? I remember looking back after having a fast talk about what was going on, looking back, and seeing Dan get impaled with a spear. When the spear gos through Dans stomach he dropped, and the spear also snapped in two before he hit the ground. So spear gos through into Dan, when he starts to drop, spear snaps in two. Kinda strange, but hey, its a dream.

There was some person I was following, kinda bigger guy. But I also remember trying to just make my way through, but to where? So now the dream has turned into me making my way through countless thugs/kids, with guns and such. Also being chased kinda. At some point I got my hands on a gun as well.

Hard to remember where it leads, but the dream keeps "evolving". Fast tracking forward, the dream is now a war. Whatever team I was on seemed like some rebels/freedom fighters or something. Think of the NPC enemy's from COD: MW2 where you are shooting the enemy's in the streets.

I remember we were just hiding, I dont remember shooting anymore. Just running and hiding. Then it became more running, and seeing bombs being dropped, and exploding napalm. I would run, but each time the explosion would be closer to me, no matter how much I ran, the explosion would be closer to me each time. The area around me was war-torn. Cannot remember what made me wake up. The only color that stands out now I think of it, was the napalm, color of fire.

Dream recording - Draconian
chaos extended

ARGH LOL! I really get frustrated when I somehow load another page over the MAIN page I am working on! I whipped the blog that I was almost done with Q.=.Q~~~!!!

So now I cannot be bothered really with re-adding my thoughts. Instead I will just keep this as a dream recording.


Dream recording - Draconian

Was at my aunts house. Was some gathering. Unsure for what reason really. Some faces I do not know, some I do. I remember greeting my cousins, hugging them. Shanon I remember something was not right... I could not hear what he said, like a bad mic or something. I know he was upset about something, but what was it? Like something had not gone well.

At some point I was talking to Robyn, on the phone? How was I talking to her? I know it had to do with something tripping (not what type of tripping x.x), about projection, about remote viewing? Or about how I could affect her, touch her from any distance? Not to make this sound perverted LOL!

Was on like a radio. But I was talking to her, we were on a channel of types. I remember choosing something, this makes so sense lol! But I touched her shoulder blade. I did not wanna look strange to the relatives, so I went out back. I messaged her shoulder blade for some reason. Nothing "sexual", just to effect her. I could see her, I think. I could see her kinda kink her head back, much like maybe if you are enjoying a message and you put your head back, or maybe if you are doing it too hard and you are putting your head back in discomfort.

I come back inside, things get strange. We are talking, maybe about a mediation. Funny enough we have a troll on our channel... Like a internet troll (look it up if ya dont know what I mean). Then more come on the channel we are on... And the voices start getting kinda creepy with how they are talking. I start getting bad vibes from them.
  I get worked up and tell Robyn to get off this channel, these are Negative beings... Voices started to turn into creepy whispers. We got on another channel at some point. I was more worried for Robyn then me. Kinda strange, these voices, many voices like an influence, and just general chattering.

Kinda changes to watching a movie now with the relatives and away from the above. So focus is more on the relatives now. Movie was the latest Land Before Time. I loved them movies, not really the new ones because they started to sing ~.~". So because of that, never watched to new ones (singing in them ruined them D=!).

So the dream shifts into this movie. a few groups of dinos and such. At some point it moves to Little Foots group as it dose. Desert area. Little Foot got HUGE! I was even thinking in the dream "suppose its where they have grown up! Pretty much how it was, them all grown up.

They are running along and the dream is going to change, to something very interesting.

We are running, yes now I am apart of the group pretty much, though I did not know it.

Choppers and missiles, tanks, coming towards ME while running... Maybe we was not even running, maybe flying? I looked like I was swiping at the missiles and choppers. It was low to the ground. And they looked small, like toys to my comparison.

At some point now its at some base, or complex. I am not human, at least I did not know right away that I was. I was a leader, head of this group I did not know who or what my group was right away. I am not sure what rank, other then I can give orders... And my orders felt like that they would be followed in fear and without question.

Whoever I was, I was strong... And feared... I had no mercy, or care for life. I smashed my fist into some end of a missile launcher. The force would launch whatever was in the tube, somewhere in the base/complex facility and explode. Letting off this yellow gas. A part of me was worried if I would be effected. Then instantly did not care what this gas was or who it would harm, other then the pleasure I took in releasing these gas loaded projectiles.

I smashed more of them. Smashing my fist into the end of this heavy metal, right into it like you would smash your fist into a foam box. Makes the missile/projectile launch off into the complex randomly. And I done this without effort, the metal would like give way to the force, fist just cave in the metal end. Also thinking about it now, my fist must of been big... Because it was as large as the end of the missile tube.

I remember communicating with another, giving commands. My voice was VERY deep, kinda scary sounding. I look down at a panel built into the ground. I explained that this was very important, to get some men onto this.  I remember when I was down lower, it looks rather techy.  
  One close to me, went to touch it and I told him NOT to or else I would probably break him. Telling him it needs to be handled with great care. I move to a second panel build into the ground, same thing. I say to get some men over get working on it, men who KNEW what they were doing and specialized for such a job. I explained something about these panels and why I/we were here... Some importance of types... I wont forget the deep voice I had, clear and vivid it was.

Back tracking. The enemy looked human. In military uniforms. At the end was very strange. I dont really remember much fighting while breaking stuff with my fist, and any fighting really in the facility. More felt like whatever happened my forces I had control of had taken care of the place, and the mission, [whatever it was] was a success. Pretty much I am the commander who comes in ones its finishes to check out the place? This is the feeling I get when I think about it now.

Breakthrough - Constant Astral dreaming and dream herb 10:1
chaos extended
Shame on me for not blogging this on the day! No matter... Cannot say I have a great deal on throughts, but I can say I have made progress perhaps.

Calea Zacatechichi the Mexican dream herb (10:1 (10x) capsules) worked, I can confirm this. In fact, it worked, TOO WELL! But I wont jump the gun here, there are a number of factors I need to take in and note for the future (maybe). For one we need to take in the matter of strong intent! Its well known simply having a strong intent can greatly alter the subconscious. So now I have the matter of repeating Sunday night, even if it means another rough night...

So what do I mean when I say the herb worked "too well"? I mean once I went to sleep, my first dream was about trying to project, and getting vibrations. These dreams were extremely real, and most likely Astral dreams. Dreams were rough because of the vibrations themselves really, and stress of having these dreams over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over over and over again... You get the idea...
I wake at around 11:45pm (going to bed at 10:30ish). I thought it was very strange for such a thing to happen, vibrations already?! I went back to sleep... Again with the dreaming! Same deal, rough dreams that involve trying to project and vibrations... So... this time getting a bit shaken up and decide to go online to chat to someone (obviously one of my friends who understand this stuff, and I can talk to). Feeling better, I go to sleep for the 3rd time! On the 3rd time I have my projection, more on this later! After waking at this point I really wanted it to stop, stop with these dreams... So i get to sleep again in due time, lay on my side and have the PC on bright and music on. Stopped the rough dreaming, did not stop me FROM dreaming (but I preferred the dreaming, as just dreaming, without vibrations and such).
  Fast note I decided to take the rest of my supplements on going to sleep the 3rd time, just to see the results.

The projection itself, was interesting. First time I was in my room, and looked at myself. But after recording it, was it a projection heavily mixed with dreaming? One I could not fly for shit, and two I could not visit the person I wanted to at all! I was beating myself up over this, but now I think that I should not! I mean dream or Astral, dose not matter, BOTH of these you can do ANYTHING! NO LIMITS AT ALL! I still have a massive amount of control over my actions anyway. More on the projection in the report.

Only thing I am left with now, is to repeat the process. To see if it was intent, or indeed the stronger dream herb! Or maybe both! Dose not matter, as long as I project, this is the only goal. To project and look for MY answers to all that is.

Any thoughts missed dont matter too much at this point.


Projection 5 Report

Wow what a night...

Someone helped me separate this time I know it... I got the vibrations, and was having a bit of trouble splitting. Then it was like someone was pulling me out! I remember saying "YES THATS IT KEEP PULLING! LITTLE MORE! LITTLE MORE!"
Then when I think I am out enough, I try moving off... Feels like I am stuck, to my body still? Tugging a bit, I think I could hear the bed sheets moving, from me tugging on my body... I relax a bit and then fully am apart.

I remember seeing these eyes that glow green when I float to the other side of the bed. I get them amplified emotions again! This time out of control, happy drunk type happy. With a massive smile, as far as me feeling what my expression is.

=omg Draxxis is that you? This gos on for about 10 sec=

I am trying to look for these eyes that are at the side of my head, and they go away...

For the first time I am in my room? I have not traveled anywhere? Out of my happy confusion, I take the chance to look back on myself, and wow it works! So trippy, and funny as hell! I was so happy haha, I created duality even. Started poking my face, kinda making my physical body jerk about a bit, and I could feel my body jerking about. I could see how my face had this, really big smile. And I could see my Fro -.-"
I thought it best to stop teasing my poor physical body, maybe it would screw up this projection.

I could here, my dog Toby? I am not sure, I thought my dog Toby was in my room, how did he get in my room? Like the presence of my dog Toby was in the room, on my bed... I thought I could hear him, how strange.

After trying to visit someone, and not having any luck... My attention got taken away when I looked outside my window! DAMN IT! I jump out with glee laughing. Then I look back and jump onto my roof. At this point I have probably zipped somewhere to IDK where... After jumping from my roof to another bit, I jump down. I can say I am not sure where I am... But at the same time I know where I am?

I am trying to fly about. Strange how this is so hard? Now thinking this, was it just some, super crazy dream? From projection then back into a dream? I would jump, and set back down. But I would fall back and get the HORRIBLE feeling of falling, like in them dreams! Also when I land very interesting to feel like in this physical, how you jump off something and you land with a thud and  a pressure on your joints.

I start trying to fly about, with some success but not much at all. I return...

I am very confused right now...

Dream recording - trippy waves
chaos extended
Dreaming about Dan. I went to hes house, but got there and he had went on hes holidays. I got in through er, that bit I will keep to myself lol.  Scene in time gos to a grave yard, my views kinda like a camera. Someones explaining about spirits or something... And I dont really wanna see em cos its creepy and wanna move on.

In time I have reached a chopper, its all turned into a game now. Before taking off, I am attacked by something, unsure what. I get in the chopper flying over some city, and there is some giant massive carnivorous plant. It is attached to some building, kinda shack like.
Some reason I let it attack the chopper, yeah and I am in it. But, strange it feels like its wrapping around MY body... My arm...

At some point the chopper crashes and I am trying to climb up this building. To get into it to see who made this plant, or to see the source. Some reason all of a sudden I cared for this plant, and had a massive amount of unconditional love for it. I loved it like a child, so strange.
As I try climb up, the now for some reason shitty wooden structure collapses, keeping me from reaching the top. So I went off to hijack another chopper. I end up getting a jap bike. Some reason its mine, but it dose not start properly? But I get it to start after a second try.

Dream changes, I am with my dad I am sure... But what happen to my bike? I dont even know, its a haze. We are in some city, going through a city I am sure, maybe Sydney? I can see the water, its SOOOOO bizarre!
  Not the water, but what it dose... It somehow creates these walls of waves, like a tidal wave. I remember the bridge we just came off. the wave just comes RIGHT UP, vertical up like 50-100 foot! I am like HOLY SHIT DAD GET A LOAD OF THIS WAVE! Its so bizarre that it then heads for the bridge, but because its so thin the wave disintegrates. Most it dose is make the bridge super wet x.x!!!

So as we drive I see this happen a number of times. These waves going vertical up super high out of nowhere! But just dropping back down, what a trippy part of the dream. I think about it now, and its so very trippy!

We make it to some beach, and I wander off, tell my dad some stuff and went... I arrive to some shack with this little VW (car) was parked, somehow fitting in this small room shack... The guy who has gave me driving lessons through the years was there...
Looking out the the ocean, massive waves were made, vertical up and went down...

I am waiting to the side of the shack now... Some reason the water comes in, and I am like damn it I am gettting WET!!! And it keeps coming in, next thing I know I am holding onto the rock for dear life.

Cannot remember much after this... This I wake up... Limited time to record the dream, I recorded this in 5-8 min.

What did the plant mean, and me having the unconditional love towards it? Refusing to hurt it after being told to (by who I cannot remember), and a need to find its core? source? etc...

. What was the go with the massive but thin waves, going UP into a 50-100 foot wall of water type, then just going back down again?

SUCCESS - Lucid dream to Projection
chaos extended
Very good morning!  Much success has been obtained, but also many things I need to get down for me to look back at in the future! Or if randoms want to read it, might help them out. So lets see, lets get into my thoughts for this morning:

.Projection triggers
.Astral realms

So! The supplements work for sure, they do a damn good job as well! Last week, I took them and timing was not that great at all. This time I changed times around:

Time bed - Around 10:40pm
Time up - 2:30am  Snoozed till 3am and took tablets.

No afternoon nap like last week. I took the Dream herb not too long before bed, I am not too sure how long now. Taken with a protein shake. I think maybe the dose is just too high, 6 tablets is more then enough. Not saying it made me sick, more, it simply did not seem to charge my dreams much more. As they say, more is not always better, very much the same with supplements.

I can say now I need to work out the spacing limits, for supplement intake. You must SPACE APART your in taking of these supplements! As an E.g, Galantamine stays in your system for 48 hours I think. I need to work out if I can space it every 5 days maybe. So far its once a week, and is not a bad thing at all! Good way to play it safe.

I have worked out my own projection triggers, but also can simply be the trance state between waking and sleep.  Also the supplements help majorly with this. In short, The first wave of vibrations I had this morning were triggered by visions (dreams call them w/e), but I am very conscious as far as I know. Slipping into dreaming and I NOTICE and see it, very strange. But this seems to allow me to trigger the vibrations. Its hard to explain anyhow, but I will keep going and each time learn more!

Astral realms are very different from dreams, at least I wont bother explaining, again very hard to explain. This morning I achieved my goal to gain projection through a lucid dream. i wont go into major details, that is what the report is for! But I can say it became the same trigger as explained above. The method I have read (that I was meant to do), simply is to stop and clear the dream. Trying to just appear in your room, as you are already projected. Not a very good explanation, too lazy to go copy and paste plus my net is super slow.

Now this is a big thing for me to look back on for some laughs! And is a first time experience! I encountered my first thought form, or elemental. I have read, and view them as harmless really. Only there to get your attention and play tricks on you, scare you and so on. And boy did it freak me out! Hard to say what form it had, but was small, and scurried on the ground. Again, I wont go into details, thats is what the report is for! What I can say is, I need to get better at staying calm, content, and show emotions of love! Very hard in the astral, emotions just come and sometimes you dont control them well at all.
  One needs to remember, the whole point of this elemental is to get your attention and scare you. So showing it love, is not what it wants, even scares it off. As I did, and it did not like it very much when I tried to show affection toward it. But that did not stop it from trying still, when my attention went away for a split moment it would try again to gain my attention. As soon as i SENSED this (and this is as soon as its attention focuses on me), I would turn around and try to get the little bugger!

Last thing is Emotions. There is a bigger reason why i got upset and left in the end, but I shall not go into this. After a small fuss with this little pigmi thing, I suddenly stopped, and got upset. Even started to sob! Very short time after I stopped and gained these emotions I felt I had to leave, I did so. This is the second experience I have had with with such emotions. Emotions are something very hard to get on top of in this place, and I want to better gain control over them. At least, I want to be able to reverse the emotion to something positive.
  Problem is, you cannot HIDE any emotions in the astral, I could not hide me being freaked out, and being rather unnerved to this troublesome elemental!  At least maybe at a beginner level, I suspect some masks can be created perhaps. But this is for another time.


Report - Vibration triggers

Small report. This is the second time I have gotten vibrations BEFORE sleep (first time last week), instead of after I have woken. Hard to explain, but for sure the supplements help to create a kinda of lucid clear mind. To better slip into visions needed.

I started see like, the side of a highway go past, or maybe a side of a river bank. At first when the picture started to apear confused me because I felt very much awake. And I let it continue. And sure enough i started to get the vibrations. This time was better then last week, I kept the state longer. But in the end I had other things on my mind that were making me very uneasy... I lost them. I went to sleep, and woke again later.

I was not disappointed. I kept a good train of thought, and kept in my head I could still project later! Even if I did not, this was a improvement! I learn more each time.


Dream before projection - CNC Renegade

Simple enough I was in a dream. Was about an old game called CNC renegade. It was in an old map, playing with I think perhaps one of the members I know on a site I go to often. I must say the dream is very very clear, and LOTS of detail, I can say like a movie. I can recall so much, these supplements have done there job well.

Anyway, I will cut this down, or else it will be like 3000 words I can remember so much. I said how this map was a good upgrade, and explained the flaws that there were to many entries into the base. Better then the older map, but it still had its flaws! The AI were not smart enough to cover so many places to enter the base.

 The dream NEVER shifts into black, its just one big dream! The dream kinda makes it way onto some type of street thing, and there are many people I know. I start walking and talking to one I know, I remember hes face well. Now here is the fun kicker that gets everything going!
  I start explaining something about dreaming. Then I just go "And I am dreaming right now..." Just blurt that out to finish the sentence. As SOON as I blurted it out, the look on my face must of been classic! Look of WAHHHHHHH O.O! I look around was so clear and STRANGE! I can defiantly say there is a MAJOR difference to a dream and the astral.

I turn away, and spin around again... I stop, and I know what I need to do. I stop, I cannot remember fully what I focused on, but the process worked. I started to come out of it, but not fully, I gained the vibrations!

Projection 5 - troublesome elemental! =Continued from dream=

I had vibrations. I was not detaching so easy like I normally do. I was kinda floating about a bit... I remember my head, it kinda felt like someone/something was tugging it, like did not really feel like it was something really bad. I only take note of this now. I decided to take a chance and roll over, and I detached. I then did what I wanted to do, visit a friend that I have a close connection to. So I focused on her! I forcused on a picture of her! At the time I could not see either, astral blindness. Not something too common for me.

Once I started to focus hard, and backed it up with strong intention, such focus on her! I lifted, kinda wobbly... I was like  "WOA!!! WOOOOAAA O.O". Taking note, I could not see so was kinda unnerving...
  For a moment I could feel wind, and hear it a bit. For a moment I felt nothing, but I kept focus as far as I know. Then I set down, I could not see. I will also point out, my mind is on another subject and its creating a type of uneasy fear, but I wont speak about this... But what it DID do, was VERY interesting, and a first time experience for me.

I wanted to see, see where I landed! I tried what I remembered to do, I thought "vision NOW!" Nothing much happened... Then I did the next thing I thought would work... Just OPEN my eyes as if I was doing it in the physical. I got some type of vision, kinda like I opened one eye.
As soon as I open my eye (even though you are not seeing with your eyes at all, you dont HAVE eyes in the astral), THIS THING CAME AT ME! I think it had six legs I am not sure, or maybe four! There was a round table, kinda close to a corner of the room,  I must sketch out what it looked like...
  Anyway, yeah it just CAME at me! Freaked me out! Soon as I gain some vision, there it was. Like as soon as i directed my attention at it, it knew and scurried towards me! Then I remember you dont show these things fear, instead love! I think I remember going at it and picking the damn thing up and hugged it, saying very loud "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" I put it down and it kinda scurried away, but would kinda go at me a little still. As soon as I try give it another hug it would scurry off! Its movements were pretty jerky, almost like, skipping or lagging a bit like in a game... But it did not like me trying to give it affection though... I dont think it could do me any harm, more like a little thought form, an elemental trying to scare me.

I then stopped... I lost control of my emotions (Must like the 4th time I projected). Started saying, and I think even crying saying how much I loved the person I was trying to visit (not as in I am in "in love" but just projection of unconditional love)... Then at this point I came back... I just felt like I had to leave. Now seems to be more clear when I spoke to the person I tried to visit, and is very clear for the whole event. Well bar the thought form, that was done by me and my emotions maybe.

Progression with Projection
chaos extended
More progression with astral projection. I have two reports, one of the progression and one on my crazy amazing dream. Also many thoughts!

.Supplements and timing
.Mexican dream herb
.Factors that play a roll in projection (for me)

I decided I would space out when i take my supplements. Just because they are legal, and vitamins and such dose not mean you can take them every day. Timing and how you use them are a key factor. I was going to take them again On saturday, but had to work the early shift in the morning, so decided I would do it on Sunday night.

My first mistake was going against timing (again). I should of been in bed by around 10pm and got up at 4am, instead I went to bed after 11pm and did not even get up at 4am... I got up at 5:11am by my own will and somehow turned off my alarm at 4am (and I dont even remember turning it off). I decided to type up my dream and take the supplements anyway, and lucky for me I had some type of outcome so it was not a massive waste. I think it must of been 5:30am when I went to bed... BAD!

Bad, bad, bad! I need to get to sleep asap! Problem I have is I get hungry, and need to take a leak... I get up, eat a handful of nuts and go to the toilet. If I dont get to sleep soon, I just get REALLY hungry again, and then need to take another damn leak! So Its important to follow timing for me, get up, and be back in bed asap. Then get the state of mind to doze off fast as I can. If I wake in the sates needed for projection it dose not matter. I can wake and not really get hungry or need to go to the toilet, just when my body and mind becomes active it happens.
Calea Zacatechichi, the Mexican dream herb I can confirm works. But this was just the standard leaf, not enhanced. As well as I used a coffee grinder to grind the herb down to a fine powder, and then stuffed it in capsules. I am not 100% sure on the dose I had, but i had 6 overstuffed capsules (out of the 26 (20 something cannot remember how many I got). In all, it was meant to be 20g of herb, but some had been used, so really unsure how much all up I have left. It could be safe to say maybe I had around 3-4 grams maybe. I will be doubling the dose tomorrow night, and see how that gos.
  I have read that, the herb builds up tolerance, but I also read for others that it is the other way around! So i might have to find out myself, and doubling the dose is not really a good way of doing that x)! If I want to find out if it builds tolerance, or dose the reverse, I should really take the same dose I suppose. Still a few things to work out, like when its best to take the herb, dose etc. And will blog and report for myself for future reference!

I am starting to work out the factors that might be playing a roll for projection. Excuse some of the things that I feel play a roll by the way, each to there own beliefs!
  One I was thinking was with my training, I thought maybe it drained the energy body. Maybe hard training lowered the chance of projection perhaps, that always went through my mind. The week before when I had success, I had not trained for around 3-4 days beforehand. Meat intake (meat meant to shut down the energy body for a number of hours) has been nill for me the last few days, as it should, im trying to be vegan!
Another factor was supplements. Last week, that morning I took B6 and the melatonin, and that morning I projected and had vibrations a number of times! I am leaning more towards this factor, as the supplements put me in the right sate of sleep and vivid dreams I need, this I will explain on the report. This week I will train right through, and see if it is indeed the supplements playing the major factor. And yes I know, you dont need such an external influence to have what I need, but they sure to help and speed things up!


Projection Progress Report

This morning was not so great with getting back to sleep. I messed up the times, at least I had something happen and was not a massive waste.
  Started off simply, trying to get to sleep and just thinking of random thoughts. I started thinking about the old game "Conkers Bad Fur Day", about the Teddiz that in the game, were the Nazis in the game. Yes a game with Nazi stuffed teddy bears, was a great game x). As I went more and more to sleep, it becomes more dream-like? At one point, Nick, was controlling or had something to do with this, idk. Can see what I mean by "dream-like, but they were still waking thoughts. I slipped ever more, as I do, and the view gos to a PC screen that looks like its in my room, and Nicks supposedly sitting there. I make a stuffed shark type thing come out of the screen, and angrily say "im trying to go to sleep Nick, stop it". But keep in kind, I am still 60-75% conscious, but then it slips even more. Without me knowing the view seems to start to look out the window, out MY window. But this was different, I can call it like an "astral" dream it was real. By this time I can say I might of been 30% conscious, maybe less.

The state is hard to explain, but it is probably that deep trance state that is needed, the state that is not asleep but not awake. Your consciousness becomes a pinprick, but once you project it all comes back. What happened this time though, I came into the state of vibration and started thinking to much, instead of going back to the vision that started it. It really is a strange feeling, your torso detach and float about a little, while you know 100% you are laying in bed.

Dream - Sands of Time

Emotions: Nostalgia, upset.

Just ended up around the side of the road. Offered this guy a lift, he looked like a biky, but I wanted to do a random act of kindness or something. He agreed and said he needed a lift to Merryweather (if thats even a place near me, think it is with bad spelling). I agreed in the end, I was thinking about all that I am doing, and I I wanted to be a good person.
  He then said wait gotta get my stuff, and there was SHIT loads of this tent type stuff. I thought it was sus, but believed him when he said it was hes... loading up the ute. After a bit of loading I find the ute is empty, and some others have unloaded it onto their rig.

More and more people are turning up to snatch this stuff, like canoe boat stuffs and tent stuffs or something... Then some ass trys to steal me dads ute! I stopped him. After a bit of confusion, now there are lots of people... And a copper... He looks mexican! And he was not really a jerk, or bad person. Call me crazy (lol yeah already am hey), but I got the feeling he was more like a helper/guide person. As I say below, he was not really trying to screw me over, but help me out with the mixed up situation.

===wtf I am just tripping out right now about that, because I took this mexican dream herb??? Just noted that now, while typing this up.====

He explain to me how its kinda like a scam, to get people to leave their stuff on the side of the road (somehow). And at night the group comes and loots it all. I explained I did not see nothing. Heck, I explained my dad would believe me, because I go to the gym and nowhere else. He accepted what I was saying. I felt like I got out of some trouble there...

I was looking at the sky! It was so VIVID! Trippy, messed up, wtf was up with that... It was so beautiful! I was looking back and forth, to the sky. I even pointed it out to this copper! The sky was just so clear, with zero light pollution and then some! Constellations and clusters of starts that are not of this world!
  One cluster got my attention by doing a small fast light show while I look at it. The cluster then [at that moment] reminded me of a small faint cluster of stars I used to stare at often when I was really little, all the time. I cannot spot it out these days, maybe I should try spot them again, and I.D them... I remember long ago they where kinda reds and blues I think. I could be guessing how many are in the cluster, so I wont guess, but they could be counted with the fingers on your hand.

I noted how they shifted my dads ute in the sand. Its now shifted to a sand scene out of no where, it never change scene, never went black! Like it changed from a highway, and big round-a-bout, and changed to this sandy area close to a coast maybe, while I was looking to the stars back and forth!

The ute now in the sand and I knew it would get bogged down. I knew they would have to help me get out. So I kept asking "who is going to damn well help me get the ute out of this! Its sand ya cannot park it in that!" Then it was gonna get more trippy... And shift to an area no longer on this planet.

===Following is typed up BEFORE the above, I felt this was more important to get this down first with as much clear memory as I could===

Group ended up on the beach-like, rocky areas as well and sand? Went up this steep path, and we reached the top. The scene changed, but again never went black. We just got to the top of the steep sandy walk, and there was this coast, beach, ocean. I looked around...For no reason, I started yelling at the top of my lungs, "sands of time". Over and over, but I was upset and I knew it had something to do with finding a dragon, or dragons, or my dragon? At least thats what it feeling like now... I have bad Nostalgia now.

A beach area... BUT it was so VIVID! Looked like I had came to another dimension, different reality, even a different world... But I am under the impression it had to do with a place, a world that had to do with "Time" itself. Key to time and space or where time did not effect it at all. A place where I might find dragons even? Was I looking for some supposed "Keepers of Time"?
  The colors were outer worldly. Aquas, greens, blues... The sky was not blue but a mix of Aqua blues/greens. I seen like ruins in the ocean water close to the shore line. I kept yellling and screaming "Sands of time"... As if yelling at it, for something, very strong upset emotion backed with Nostalgia. Like the place was conscious/alive or something even... I really dont know why I was yelling this...

All of a sudden these white stoned statues came alive... Like the realm was not happy with me or something. The group I was with shit themselves and I piss bolted down... Not long after I woke...

Projection success and other thoughts
chaos extended
Oh where to begin, this morning was AMAZING! My forth Astral Projection, and it was my longest, most exciting, most confusing one yet! Funny enough, it ended by MY will, not because it randomly ended.

I have a range of thoughts:

.Astral winds
.Strange astral events
.Super mind? Or subconscious?

Now I am going just say, I took some supplements this morning. I thought I would just try my B6 and Melatonin that I got in the mail. 250mcg of B6, and 500mcg of Melatonin. Other things I took were: Out-of-date ginko, fish oil tablets. I took 3 1000mg fish oil tablets before bed, and one ginko. I got up at around 4am when my alarm went off, and took another 3 fish oils, another ginko tablet, and the B6 and Melatonin.

I can say it had a great effect on my dreams! I had a whole range of dreams last night! I can say the most vivid (before the projection), was when I got in the chopper! We took off, and look at the ground was like watching a movie! It was just that clear! I noticed this and became somewhat lucid even, but after focusing and know how wonderful the view was, I woke kinda...

So where these supplements helping me to gain projection? I did get vibrations very very shortly after waking from a dream, and I felt strange. I was thinking that the B6 tablets were making me feel trippy. Pretty much after thinking that, I had a wave of Vibrations come over me, and rumbling! But I moved, trying to see if I could roll out, and lost the vibrations. I jokingly thought not long after "Boy be funny if I had the vibrations a second time".

Now onto the strange events within the "Astral planes". One was what I have read about in Robert Monroes books "Journeys out of the body". Sometimes a type of "astral wind" would blow him around, like some type of current. Sometimes they would be so strong he would just have to see where it would take him! For me I went outside for the first time, and was moon-jumping really high. Sometimes, it was like some wind took me REAL high. I would laugh and say "ohhh too high haha! Down gogogo xD! Like a feather being taken up in the air, the same was done to me. Its funny, because I should be flying around NOT walking...

Another REALLY strange event happened at the end of this. It was the event that ended my fun, and made me will myself back to my body. This location I now think was at my old house... I seen some person pull up into the driveway in a rush. As I state in what I have written down, I somehow knew the intentions of this person were very bad right away.
The kicker to this event was, well wtf man? I am in the astral! Was this a dream mixing with my projection? Was it a vision, as I have read about such things in books and around?! An event that has taken place now somewhere, or in the future?! Such things about events taking place are not uncommon from what I read, with visions. They can just come before you without warning... Also very interesting what i have read, about what you are made to see due to what you can comprehend. If you really want to understand this better, read the book Journeys out of the Body. As for what happened, I really have no idea... Seems crazy to me now...

Next next strange thing was what I tried to do! I thought maybe I can talk to this persons subconscious or something. I was overwhelmed with anger as well... Simply saying "you will not hurt these people go away". Pretty much that, and I got a reply! Reply was pretty much telling me that this person wanted too, and was going to do what he came here for. I have also read such things from the book mentioned above! Robert would try talking to people at the time, he would sometimes get replies as well. Some people he knew, and would say "now you wont forget to remember what I have said?! And the person, or super mind? Would reply back and agree. Robert would come back and when he could, ask if they remember anything. Needless to say, the person dose not recall anything of such an event.

Trying not to make this any longer then it should I have final thoughts! I am learning more and more! Each time it happens I learn something new about the place, or mistakes I make. Again, I was too excited! I started off very calm, but as soon as I remembered I never went outside and noticed I had the chance, I burst out laughing! Bonus I never been outside YAY! OUT I GOOO ^.=.^!!!!
I am also taking note about my surroundings. I am never where I think I am... Things can be out of place in the astral, I have even read this. But when I was infront of my old house, everything was but I did not know where I was right away. I think each time I will get better. I am always focused on what I need to do when I am there, but I think I need to try focus on knowing where the hell I end up! Being more aware of my surroundings.

As always, I dont expect anyone to believe me. I even expect you to think I am mad and insane. I am not trying to prove anything to anyone! These are simple blogs in the end for ME to look back on anyway.

My forth Astral Projection

LOL! WHERE DID I GO?! Ok longest projection ever!? Will get right into it before I FORGET!

Early that morning, I had vibrations I was very disappointed because of impatience! I had then thought I would roll over... I did so and lost them! I was not pissed or upset, was happy just to have the vibs again. I jokingly thought "haha be funny if i got the vibrations a 2nd time that be a hoot! Boy was I in for a fun morning holy CRAP!

Now I had this dream... It was in a classroom... I even think I remember the teacher! Mr Rayfield? Math teacher I think... Probably wrong spelling of hes name. Long story short, I get in trouble, and now I am being held back...
I am in a class room, and I think I semmi wake up. I dose back to sleep I THINK? I try to get back to sleep, and I here this sudden rumble, much like the same from vibrations, but only for a split moment. I then try dose off again, for some reason I am able to go in and out of a dream that I prefer, SO STRANGE! Also very hard to explain, memory is slipping out of my mind like sand through fingers.
But I was using this dream to induce the vibrations, I did not know it would... But some reason I did... I was going through this portal, it was metal like and had doors. Much like on some ship... Like I was taking off or something. I willed myself to go faster, each time I go to a door it quickly opened. I started to come to a bright light.

Now, I am trying to remember if I detached from my body while this was happening... Or if going all the way give me the vibrations. Anyway I had success!

Trying to get all this in,IT JUST RUNS THROUGH MY FINGERS! I think I floated up and down? Or did I roll out? I know I was very light, and EXCITED! I thought I was still in my room, I was walking very calm. I know why thoughts must be important now, because I never am in my room! Where the hell was I? From what I can gather now, I was at my old house, at that street.
Anyway. I came to a room, with a ceiling fan and glass table. I even remember saying I remember this place? But seemed out of place! I spotted "outside", I never been outside before! I got excited, REALLY excited and forgot my main goals! VOOOOM, out I went haha! So excited I did not notice where I was!

I remembered my goal, I wanted to try get my guide, or one of these helpers! And I remember reading ways that one might "Ask". Not really good to beg, or say "I need help", but rather say something like " it would be so nice if I could be taken *insert place*. I think thats how it gos...

Anyway, I started to have some fun. I started really moon jumping about, laughing so hard! I even see a car come up the street, and wanted to go in front of it so I could go through it hahaha!

I went down the street that gos directly down, like if you are facing up the road of this street, you would be facing my old house. Strange things happened as well. Sometimes, like a wind picking me up, blew me higher then I wanted to go. I was not afraid when this happen, but I remembered I read about these strange "astral winds". I remember laughing each time it happened! And wanting to be closer to the ground. No fear, because I always know I am 100% safe, even though I am told and read different things that say otherwise.

I come back to the road that my old house is on. Something strange happens... Well not really. A car comes up the road and I joke around and act like a ghost as if the person in the car could see me...

Now here comes the strange part. I see a red 4weel drive pull into me old house... I mean it really pulls in. Somehow, some reason I knew the persons intentions right away, RIGHT AWAY. At this point I got lost, I lost myself! I got so angry! I forgot I did not have any real effect in this place to non astral people, to a point anyway. I seen him get out of the vehicle, and I grabbed him, and he stopped? I still knew where I was, but I seen if I could talk to hes "subconscious" or something.
My words were backed up with strong anger and a will to stop this person "You will NOT hurt these people" "Go away". Now I have read this next bit from a book I am reading I got a reply: "Oh but I want to hurt them, I am going to".

After seeing I could do nothing in this state, I flew back and started strongly willing myself back to my body. I even started screaming it "GET ME BACK TO MY BODY! NOW! I HAVE TO GET BACK!"
Pretty much after that everything just gos black and blur for a for moments and I wake up and sit up in my bed! I laugh! YOU HAVE TO BE SHITTING MEEEEEEEE! Any angry or fear I had flew out the window!

Boy do I have many thoughts to add to my blog today! Mainly about the dreams, the supps I took this morning, different things that happen at the time, and the strange event at the end? Was that a dream? Mixed with the projection? Did I port from my street to another house somewhere in the "world" and seen an event take place? Was it a vision of some type, as such things are meant to take place? Oh yeah, what a morning!